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Unstuck Joy!

Unstuck Joy!

The Art of Living On Purpose

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Vicki believes you were born with gifts that you’re meant to use to make the world a brighter place – aka - your unique life Purpose. However, life can get in the way. You become stuck in circumstances that hold you back from being your best self. Have you ever wondered, “Is this all life has to offer? There MUST be more!” If you answer “yes,” then Unstuck Joy! is the show for YOU!

Each show will feature a memoir artwork painted by Vicki that taps into universal themes of evolution, hope, inner strength, and self-growth. The artwork will set the show’s theme and serve as a springboard for discussion. Vicki will also ask listeners to create your path to soul clarity with Art Visioning. Draw, doodle, collage, write, and/or paint your way to understanding who you were born to be by participating in an Art Visioning art journal prompt – a fun, creative, messy, for-your-eyes-only vehicle to discover your own soul revelations and live more JOY! Vicki’s Art Visioning process encourages you to align with the Universe, ask deep questions about soul topics - such as what are limiting beliefs that block your flow toward being your True Self and what would your Future Elder Warrioress encourage you to do before your last day on Earth or else you’ll regret not doing it - and record discoveries in an art journal with the help of Vicki’s simple art journaling prompts. Art journaling allows you to use images, words, favorite quotes, poems, minds maps, and colors to convey concepts in a way that using logical, linear words cannot. Unstuck JOY! will also feature guests from a variety of lightworker fields, who have overcome their own limiting beliefs and obstacles, to help listeners pinpoint strategies to become unstuck and live a more exuberant life. Unstuck Joy! will compel you to tune into your soul’s whispers to realize your unique dreams!

Vicki believes in the transformational power of art. She is a storyteller and expresses her life story through her memoir artworks. She paints expressive female portraits that represent her Heroine’s Journey of how she’s come to realize who her True Self is and how she’s evolving toward boldly living her Purpose. Vicki finds art to be an emotional release, a way to purge feelings of anxiety, fear, hope, anticipation, and determination. Vicki’s hope is that you will gain joy, peace and clarity about your own journey through her Art Visioning exercises, especially if you feel stuck in life. Your Purpose and life circumstances are unique to you. You may be able to easily weave your Purpose into your current life, making it more vibrant and textured, without causing cosmic shifts that rock your world. Or, maybe you – like Vicki – feel the need in the depths of your soul to take a more pronounced leap of faith into the unknown to fully spread your True Self wings. Either way, Vicki hopes that her Art Visioning process will reverberate with you and inspire you to fulfill your own unique Calling and live more JOY!

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  • Published: May 2017
  • LearnOutLoud.com Product ID: U090631