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The rules of spirituality are just as logical and necessary as the rules of physics.  More and more people are having the same experiences in reaching higher consciousness as I am.  To develop our intuition is so important to handle the complexity of the times, that we will all have to learn about it.  The good part is that we can get it working much better with a few simple principles.  Not learning it is not an option.  Here is how Alice Bailey's take on intuition:

From Intellect to Intuition

By Alice A. Bailey

This immediate access to Truth is the ultimate destiny of all human beings, and it seems probable that some day the mind itself will lie as much below the consciousness as the instincts now do. We shall then function in the realm of the intuition and shall talk in terms of the intuition with as much ease as we now talk in terms of the mind, and we will function as mental beings.

Science and spirituality are coming together.  This force, whatever it is, guides us through the infinite complexities of life.   It can see the end from the beginning and patterns in seeming chaos.  We need to use the information coming out now to handle the complexity of our times and all times to come.  The intuition connects us with the whole brain, which is a million times more powerful than our usual way of thinking.

All my work is open source and freeware. My goal is to share information on the mind shift that's going on now and  how to take advantage of it. The information is so necessary to handle Future World, especial when Future World is no longer in the future. Things are moving so fast now that it's hard to keep up, unless we use intuition and the new insights and technologies coming out that explain what philosophers and patriarchs were trying to tell us all along. People often aren't even aware of all these changes, but people 'are' beginning to feel the pressures that comes with change. Fortunately all the information, old and new, is way ahead of the problem. The problem is that people aren't ahead of the problem or ahead of this information. Scientist's are still busy arguing about definitions and who gets the grants. It's up to us to apply the techniques, even if we sometimes don't understand how they work. Our intuition tells us what we need to know as we go along. In any case, the car runs, and we know how to run it now. That may be enough.

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  • Published: January 2010
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