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Time Management Made Easy - Tactics and Truths by Zach Keyer

Time Management Made Easy - Tactics and Truths

by Zach Keyer

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  • Why Is Time Management Important? 
    Learn how time management (or lack of it) impacts your life every day.

  • Who Needs Time Management Skills?
    Still wonder if YOU need Time Management – find out why it’s so important to YOUR life.
  • Identifying the Ten Biggest Time Wasters
    You probably loose time every day with these time wasters – what are they? 
  • Track the Use of Your Time
    Where is your time going? This step will uncover YOUR problem areas!
  • Identify and List Your Priorities  
    Learn how to focus on what’s really important in life – and make time for it.
  • Identify and List Your Goals 
    Haven’t thought about this much? A simple walk through will help you identify your life goals.
  • Break Goals into Smaller Steps 
    Big goals need small steps – learn how to break it down.
  • Why Long Range Goals Can Hinder Your Progress
    Learn how some goals can actually HOLD YOU BACK!    
  • Why You Need to Create a Realistic Schedule
    What’s realistic? Are you guilty of planning to do TOO MUCH?    
  • Know What You Can Control and What You Can't  
    Find out the biggest source of frustration to your plans – and how to avoid it.
  • How to Apply the 80/20 Rule
    What does this well known rule have to do with you? Find out its secret.    
  • Steps for Making an Effective To-Do List
    Are To-Do lists a DON’T for You? Find out the right way to create a To-Do list.    
  • Anticipate Obstacles and Plan for Them
    One more secret revealed to successful time management to reduce stress! 
What You’ll Also Get…

  • How to Create an Action Plan    
    The Golden Ticket to Getting What You Want is in your Action Plan!
  • Organize Your Workspace for Efficient Time Management
    Get MORE done in LESS time just by using these 5 minute steps!


“What Are You Doing Tonight?”


Are you planning a weekend to relax or two days to catch up on all the things you haven’t done during the week? When have you last sat down to a nice meal without rushing the kids or taking a phone call? Are you going to sleep tonight or will you be typing away on the computer or worrying about work the next day? 

You NEED time – but you’ll only get 24 hours in a day like everyone else. How you use those hours is up to you. Will you be BURNED OUT or FEELING FABULOUS? In a few seconds you could have the answer sitting in front of you.

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  • Published: September 2007
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