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Art Masterpieces

Art Masterpieces

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LearnOutLoud's Art Masterpieces is a collection of essays on some of the most important works of art ever created. These carefully selected writings provide exciting commentary on the work of such masters as Leonardo Da Vinci, Raphael, Michelangelo, Titian, Sandro Botticelli, Rembrandt and many more. If you've ever wanted to gain a deeper appreciation of the great works of Western painting, then this audio series will be an invaluable compliment to your exploration.

Twenty-two paintings are covered in this collection and each MP3 file covers a different painting and has a high quality image of the art work embedded into it (which can be viewed in iTunes). Also included in this collection is a supplemental PDF which features images of all 22 paintings. Click here to download the PDF.

Paintings covered in this collection are:

The Birth of Venus

Painted by Sandro Botticelli in 1486

From "The Renaissance" by Walter Pater

The Dream of St. Ursula

Painted by Vittore Carpaccio in 1495

From "Fors Clavigera" by John Ruskin

The Last Supper

Painted by Leonardo da Vinci from 1495-1498

From "Werke" by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The Creation of Adam

Painted by Michelangelo in 1499

From "Michelangelo" by Estelle M. Hurll

Mona Lisa

Painted by Leonardo da Vinci between 1503–1507

From "The Renaissance" by Walter Pater

Pastoral Concert

Painted by Giorgione in 1508

From "One Hundred Masterpieces of Painting" by John La Farge

The Ecstasy of St. Cecilia

Painted by Raphael in 1514

From "Letters From Italy" by Percy Bysshe Shelley

The Assumption of the Virgin

Painted by Titian from 1516-1518

From "Voyage in Italy" by Théophile Gautier

The Transfiguration

Painted by Raphael between 1516-1520

From "Raphael" by Estelle M. Hurll

The Mystical Marriage of St. Catherine

Painted by Antonio da Correggio in 1520

From "One Hundred Masterpieces of Painting" by John La Farge

Bacchus and Ariadne

Painted by Titian from 1520–1523

From "On the Productions of Modern Art" by Charles Lamb

The Last Judgment

Painted by Michelangelo from 1535-1541

From "Trois maitres" by Alexandre Dumas

The Descent from the Cross

Painted by Peter Paul Rubens between 1612-1614

From "Les Maîtres D'autrefois" by Eugène Fromentin

Charles I

Painted by Anthony van Dyck in 1635

From "One Hundred Masterpieces of Painting" by John La Farge

The Shepherds of Arcadia

Painted by Nicolas Poussin between 1637-1638

From "One Hundred Masterpieces of Painting" by John La Farge

The Night Watch

Painted by Rembrandt van Rijn between 1640-1642

From "Maîtres d'Autrefois" by Eugène Fromentin

The Maids of Honour

Painted by Diego Velázquez in 1656

From "One Hundred Masterpieces of Painting" by John La Farge

Embarkation for Cythera

Painted by Jean-Antoine Watteau in 1717

From "L'Art du Dix-huitième Siècle" by Edmond and Jules De Goncourt

Oath of the Horatii

Painted by Jacques-Louis David in 1784

Compared With:

Dante and Virgil

Painted by Eugène Delacroix in 1822

From "How to Study Pictures by Means of a Series of Comparisons of Paintings and Painters" by Charles Henry Caffin

The Entry of the Crusaders into Constantinople

Painted by Eugène Delacroix in 1840

From "One Hundred Masterpieces of Painting" by John La Farge

The Gleaners

Painted by Jean-François Millet in 1857

From "Jean Francois Millet" by Estelle M. Hurll

This audio book was recorded by LearnOutLoud.com and narrated by Antonia Bath. Copyright © 2007 LearnOutLoud, Inc. Any reproduction or illegal distribution of the content in any form will result in immediate action against the person concerned.

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ajay kumar sing
Reviewer ajay kumar sing
 September 08, 2007

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