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Be Rich Affirmations by RJ Banks

Be Rich Affirmations

Guided Meditation and Law of Attraction Affirmations for Wealth and Money

by RJ Banks

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2 Hrs. 30 Mins.
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Be Rich (Audio Download) Guided Meditation and Law of Attraction Affirmations for Wealth and Money uses proven law of attraction affirmations combined with the latest scientific neurotechnology to bring you a meditative audio program that helps one create and condition the mind to attract wealth and money.  

The Law of Attraction works on the principle of thoughts-feelings-actions. If someone is having positive thoughts, they are more likely to feel positively and are, in turn, more likely to develop positive behaviors that benefit the outcome. Inspired by the teachings of: Tony Robbins, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson, Bob Proctor, Napoleon Hill, James Allen, Louise L. Hay, Joel Osteen and many others, this program uses affirmations to reinforce: Belief and Faith, Ask and Receive, “I am” Affirmations and Positive First Person Attraction and Manifestation Affirmations.

The long-established technologies of subliminal suggestions, as well as brainwave frequency stimulation, using isochronic alpha & theta frequency waves, which help to place the brain into a relaxed, meditative but not unconscious state, further enhances one’s ability to tap deep into the subconscious mind to affirm and condition these behaviors and beliefs.

We are, and attract into our lives, what we think, say and believe.  This realization is vital to one’s success and happiness, but only half the battle. Gaining and maintaining a positive, believing and deserving attitude is what many consider one of life’s biggest challenges. This program will change your way of thinking and help reprogram your mind to attract wealth and money into your life.

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Reviews & Ratings
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Excellent Audio - Badly Set Up for Download
Reviewer eggiecom
 January 27, 2013
I believe this will be one of the most practical, enjoyable and effective affirmation and brain entrainment collections I own. I have been searching for a collection like this for a LONG time and very much look forward not only to using it, but to experiencing the positive results I achieve.

I am, however, extremely unhappy with the way the download has been set up by LearnOutLoud.

This title is also available for the same price on iTunes. I chose to purchase it here because I can download it again if needed. However, the iTunes version describes what is actually on each track: Vocalized with Music; Vocalized with Alpha Waves; etc. The tracks on LearnOutLoud are numbered; 1, 2, 2, 2, 3, 4, etc., ending with the tenth track numbered 15! If I hadn't discovered the iTunes version, the collection would have been confusing and significantly reduced in its effectiveness - along with my satisfaction with it.

As it is, I had to download each file one at a time (to avoid confusing the ones labeled with duplicate numbers) and rename them with the iTunes descriptions. Once I had the whole thing done, I had to go into iTunes, delete the tracks that had been automatically uploaded to it (the ones just numbered) and replace them with the tracks I had renamed.

Whew!! But now I have something I can effectively use. I think LearnOutLoud has seriously compromised the author's product.

He gets the job done.
Reviewer CyberWolf
 January 15, 2013
I bought RJ Bank's 'Be Rich' affirmation recording and am very pleased with it.
a) the single line-harp music in the background is simple yet compelling so that your mind stays glued to the affirmations.
b) RJ's has clear diction thus his voice is easy to understand at all volume levels.
c) the affirmations themselves are to the point and go straight to the wealth goals.
d) there is enough variety in the affirmation tracks themselves...so that if one day you feel like hearing just his voice plus the music, fine. If on another day you wish to use subliminals, that works too. For this reason it is possible to use RJ's recordings several times a day for weeks and truly anchor it into your subconscious & not become annoyed at the recording or music or delivery of it. .
I listened to his alpha and theta plus affirmation tracks for three sessions a day (1 hour morning, 1 hour mid-day, and 1 hour before sleep) and in 2 weeks, I found opportunities manifested my way because of these amazing recordings. RJ knows what he is doing :)
Thank you, RJ.

This is a great program
Reviewer harperluck
 October 19, 2012
I've been listening to it for going on three months and it has really changed my life. No bs blah blah blah just straight affirmations that work. I also just got the Success Affirmations program as well.

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  • Published: March 2012
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