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The Roaring 2000s Wealth Builder by Harry S. Dent

The Roaring 2000s Wealth Builder

by Harry S. Dent

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The 1990s were some of the most prosperous years the U.S. has ever seen. From the booming stock market, to falling mortgage rates, to the reemergence of America as the premier global economic superpower, it has been an unparalleled period of prosperity.

Harry Dent was one of the few economists who saw it coming. In fact, virtually all his predictions for the 1990s were 100% accurate.

But if you thought the ‘90s were great, your eyes are about to be opened to an even brighter future.

According to Dent, how and where we work is about to improve more drastically than at any other time in our history.

The Roaring 2000s will be a period of unprecedented opportunity for entrepreneurs and investors. If you’re one of the savvy people who anticipate the changes that will occur, a wealth of high-quality lifestyle choices will be yours.

Dent will offer you detailed investment strategies that will help you exploit the coming boom for the next decade. He takes into account many realistic forecasts for inflation, college and retirement costs, insurance needs, real estate costs, taxes, and tax-deferral opportunities, and offers a unique approach to building a diversified portfolio for the emerging new economy.

You’ll learn about the key sectors of the economy that will outperform all others in the United States so you can invest in the hottest growth companies of the future. Wall Street hasn’t noticed some of these companies yet, and the upside is huge.

When the stock market goes through a shaky period, you’ll learn which factors to look at before you make a decision about what to do with your money. You also will learn how to make money during international crises when they come, like the ones in Asia in 1997-1998, and in Latin America in 1994-1995.

You’ll learn about future trends in the job market, technology, demographics, and real estate. You’ll learn about the next great population migration and the radically different business and organizational structures that will be the offspring of the Information Age. And you’ll learn exactly what you can do to make the most money from these changes.

The roaring 2000s will be bigger than the Roaring ‘20s because the baby boom generation is more than twice as large as any previous generation and because baby boomers are just now entering their peak spending years.

Plus, we are still at the beginning stages of major technological, medical, and business revolutions. In fact, more innovations are taking place today than at any other time in history. The result is that our economy and our lifestyle will be transformed faster than anyone imagined.

The Internet represents the key innovation fueling this revolution. In the coming decades, it will support an era of unprecedented productivity. From vastly expanded computer power, to the expansion of bandwidth, to the evolution of computers as inexpensive, simple appliances, the real Internet economy is only just beginning to emerge.

However, the good times won’t continue forever. In fact, Dent will show you why the dreaded bear market will finally arrive in force in the middle of 2009. And if you aren’t prepared for it, you could lose a substantial amount of wealth.

It all has to do with what Dent calls the #1 leading indicator that clearly predicts signs of economic trends. Dent used this indicator to forecast the great boom of the ‘90s, even while most other economists were forecasting bad times after the 1987 stock market crash.

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