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Great Speeches in History Podcast

Great Speeches in History Podcast

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Great Speeches in History is a podcast devoted to the great thinkers, statesman and other public orators that have graced us throughout history with their words. Each week LearnOutLoud.com will offer up a new speech in audio format.

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Reviewer oldfordfreak
 March 01, 2014
I am making it my life's mission for a couple of months to memorize the I Have a Dream speech. The reviewer below will serve as an interesting example of how conservative media had caused many US citizens to forget what their country is about.

Some good ones, some bad
Reviewer notavictim
 February 03, 2014
There are some great speeches in this podcast, and a lot of bad ones. I guess it makes some sense to have Obama speeches on here, because he does lie well. But they're not great speeches to anyone who has any idea about the world around them. Funny that one reviewer actually tried to take the stance about seeking the truth and bias in media. Obama, along with most other presidents in our history, are great liars and no president has used public school propaganda and the media to hide their lies and true intentions better than B.O. He is a tyrant and he hates freedom, like many other presidents in our country's very short history.

Proud to Be American
Reviewer rtyler_wade
 February 23, 2011
I am very happy to see the speeches of President Obama on here! I believe he sees the true ideas and values that the United States were actually founded on. So many people believe what they have been brought up to believe by the propaganda of the media and lies in our history books. Obama stands for the true freedom of the american way and the ability that each person should be able to pursue that freedom. The people of america have become blinded to the true concerns of the world and are too quickly swayed by the media and the lies they broadcast in order to make PROFIT. If the average person would take action and seek out the TRUTH regarding our nation and the values and beliefs of our forefathers, they would soon be in awe of the great damage that has been done, little by little, to this GREAT COUNTRY. I believe OBAMA has realized this and is doing the BEST he is able to do to combat against any further damage. He is has embrassed CHANGE, just as WE ALL SHOULD, in hopes of a greater tomorrow and a better today.

Amazing podcast!
Reviewer mokeee
 February 21, 2011
And I do appreciate you including Obama's speeches. To all of you who are offended by it: As a queer American I am not particularly fond of Reagan, however I would never fault this free service for including any of his speeches. '

My favorite speech of all time is Ted Kennedy's Eulogy for Robert Kennedy. Thank you so much for having it! I was trying to look for it the other day but youtube only had a terrible version with background music that was louder than the speech!

Misunderestimating Obama
Reviewer MichB1
 October 07, 2010
My wings took dream hearing Obama speak during the campaign.

My financial situation was, and has been, uniquely American.

He may be a little stiltulated at times, but at the very least, he didn't tell lie after lie after lie.

Future historiators will scratch their heads at all the people who bought Bush's line: I guess it's a case of "fool me once, shame on -- shame on you. Fool me -- you can't get fooled again."

Obama 2004 DNC Keynote Address
Reviewer Ybeat1
 March 19, 2010
political prefernces aside, I fundementally disagree with 'klobbs' assessment of this speech. It is both inspiring and clear indicator of the fact that Obama has an opportunity to be one of the great leaders of the modern world.

Reviewer klobbs
 June 25, 2009
I'm disappointed that the Obama speech was included in this category. Okay so the speech was delivered okay, but first of all it wasn't a great speech, second it was all delivered from a teleprompter, thereby negating the "great" part, and third it was delivered way too recently to deserve putting it in the "classics" archives.

Great Speeches in History Podcast - JFK's death G021306
Reviewer Cristiane
 June 18, 2008
I was shocked and emotioned when I first listened to it. I am Brazilian and I simply love the American Culture. I am so proud to say that I have lived in US/NYC for 9 years.
I am passing on this great learning to my students here down in Brazil! Thanks LearnOutLoud for giving us access to such a great history. God Bless America!

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