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The Jugurthine War & The Conspiracy of Cataline by Sallust

The Jugurthine War & The Conspiracy of Cataline

by Sallust

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Unabridged Edition
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A bloody revolt by a North African prince and a plot to seize control of Rome are the subjects of two short masterpieces of ancient history by the illustrious Roman chronicler, Sallust.

The Jugurthine War tells the story of the crafty Numidian, Jugurtha, his brutal lunge for power beginning in 118 B.C. and his capture and execution in 106 B.C. It is a tale of pitched battles and savage guerilla warfare, failed peace conferences and corrupt officials, treachery and heroism.

The Conspiracy of Cataline is a gothic tale of revenge, violence, and naked aggression in the pursuit of power. Its most famous participants are Cicero, the young Julius Caesar, and Lucius Sergius Cataline. Cataline is described by Sallust as "a guilt-stained soul at odds with gods and men, who found no rest either waking or sleeping, so cruelly did conscience ravage his overwrought mind".

Hear the peculiar power in the dramatic prose which Sallust employs in these two great works. They are not only a magnificent example of the gravitas of the Latin language in the hands of a master, but also a valuable source for the speeches of some of history's most famous leaders. Translated by Handford, Lord, and Blackistone.

Also included on this volume:
With Cataline himself present in the Roman senate chamber near the end of 63 B.C., Cicero hurled at him one of the most superb examples of oratory ever known, the famous First Oration Against Cataline which was memorized by schoolboys for a thousand years. As the speech continued, the senators who were seated in the vicinity of Cataline quietly got up one by one and moved away from him, leaving him alone on one side of the senate chamber staring at the floor. Upon its completion, with applause for Cicero still ringing in his ears, Cataline walked out of the senate building and left Rome. Listen as this spine tingling example of oratorical bravura engulfs Cataline!

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