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Journeys of the Great Explorers: Columbus To Cook by Glyndwr Williams

Journeys of the Great Explorers: Columbus To Cook

by Glyndwr Williams

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Unabridged Edition
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7 Hrs. 30 Min.


One of the most dramatic periods in world history is the age of Europe's discovery of the world from Columbus and da Gama in the late fifteenth century to the voyages of James Cook in the eighteenth century. The extent of the changes can be seen by comparing the pre-Columbian maps, which showed no knowledge of either the Americas or the Pacific, with those of 1800, which in terms of projection, scale, and content approximate today's maps. In these lectures, the most important discovery voyages, the individual characteristics of their commanders, and the endurance of their crews will be described. Interspersed with accounts of individual voyages will be lectures that explain the more general and technical aspects of the voyages: improvements in ship design and navigation, constraints of wind and current, living conditions on board ship, and problems of health and discipline. Special attention will be paid to the controversies that developed from some of these voyages.

Lecture 1 The World Before Columbus

Lecture 2 The Voyages of Christopher Columbus

Lecture 3 The Voyage of Vasco da Gama and the "Sea Road" to the East

Lecture 4 The First Circumnavigation: The Voyage of Ferdinand Magellan

Lecture 5 The Second Circumnavigation: The Voyage of Francis Drake

Lecture 6 The Tools of Discovery

Lecture 7 Life at Sea

Lecture 8 Voyages of Delusion: The Search for the Northwest Passage

Lecture 9 The Pacific Ocean: The Great Unknown

Lecture 10 The "Rambling Voyages" of William Dampier

Lecture 11 Vitus Bering and the Russian Discovery of America

Lecture 12 The Pacific Voyages of James Cook

Lecture 13 The Revolution in Navigation and Health

Lecture 14 The World After Cook

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