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Six Months That Changed the World by Margaret MacMillan

Six Months That Changed the World

The Paris Peace Conference of 1919

by Margaret MacMillan


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The world will never see another peace conference like the one which took place in Paris in 1919. For six months, the world’s major leaders—including Woodrow Wilson, president of the United States, David Lloyd George, prime minister of Great Britain, and Georges Clemenceau, prime minister of France—met to discuss the peace settlements which were to end World War One. They faced huge issues and, as the weeks went by, their agenda grew. Because Paris saw such a concentration of power, the world’s problems came before it and petitioners for political, social, and economic causes came to get a hearing.

Margaret MacMillan received her Ph.D. from Oxford University and was the first woman ever to win the BBC 4 Samuel Johnson Prize for Nonfiction. She is also the granddaughter of former British Prime Minister David Lloyd George, one of the signers of the Treaty of Versailles.

Lecture 1 The Paris Peace Conference of 1919

Lecture 2 The Peace Conference Meets in Paris

Lecture 3 New Forces in International Relations

Lecture 4 The League of Nations and Mandates

Lecture 5 Germany

Lecture 6 New Nations

Lecture 7 Poland

Lecture 8 Italy

Lecture 9 Greece and Turkey

Lecture 10 Palestine and the Jewish Homeland

Lecture 11 The Arab Middle East

Lecture 12 Germany’s Allies: Bulgaria, Austria, and Hungary

Lecture 13 The Far East

Lecture 14 The End

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Reviewer vanminh672000
 February 04, 2009
Six Months That Changed the World

Reviewer LOLDavid
 February 17, 2006
This Portable Professor course broadened my mind about what the Paris Peace Conference that was held after World War I was really all about. The subtitle “The Treaty of Versailles and the Road to World War II” is really a misnomer because Professor MacMillan shows throughout the course that the Paris Peace Conference involved so much more in terms of world affairs than the Treaty of Versailles and she continually questions the frequent assumption that peace terms given to Germany were the cause of the World War II. I’d recommend downloading the course guide and looking at the maps after you listen to the lectures to get a sense of the geography that the Allied powers were carving up and forming into new nations.

In this course you learn the roots of many national and ethnic tensions that are still with us today, in particular involving the Middle East. Most westerners don’t recall that the nation of Iraq was formed at the Paris Peace Conference combining three conflicting ethnic groups in the region, but the people of Iraq sure remember. Also the potential Communist revolutions are prevalent throughout the course that would lead to many more wars. You’ll learn about the ideas and agendas of the leaders of three major Allied powers, U.S. President Woodrow Wilson, British Prime Minister David Lloyd George, and French Prime Minister Georges Clemenceau.

Margaret MacMillan is a very articulate lecturer and she wrote a book called “Paris 1919: Six Months That Changed the World” so she knows the topic in depth. It’s an excellent course.

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