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Chinese - Mandarin I, Unit 1
Available on:
Audio Download (Free)

Mandarin Chinese Phase 1, Unit 1 contains 30 minutes of spoken language practice, with an introductory conversation, and isolated vocabulary and structures.

Chinese - Mandarin I (Comprehensive)
by Dr. Paul Pimsleur
Available on:
Audio Download | Audio CD

Mandarin Chinese Phase 1, Lessons 1-30 includes 15 hours of spoken language practice and one hour of culture notes in thirty, 30-minute lessons.

Expand Your World: Be Bilingual with Queenie Kawabe Podcast
by Queenie Kawabe
Available on:

Expand Your World - Be Bilingual with Queenie Kawabe, who speaks 5 languages is a podcast created for Language Learners, especially Chinese and Japanese.

Learn in Your Car: Mandarin Chinese, Level 1
by Henry N. Raymond
Available on:
Online Audio (Free)

The Learn in Your Car language series is the first system ever designed to teach a language in your car...or anywhere...without a textbook.

Naked Cantonese Podcast
by Sarah Passmore
Available on:

Cantonese Lesson:Sarah Passmore and Cecilie Gamst Berg.

Chinese for Dummies
by Mengjun Liu
Available on:
Audio Download | Audio CD

Want to speak Chinese? Don't have a lot of time? This practical audio set is designed to help you learn quickly and easily at home or on the road.

Chinese Lessons with Serge Melnyk Podcast
by Serge Melnyk
Available on:

Learn Mandarin Chinese with theme-based lessons.

ChineseClass101.com Podcast
Available on:

ChineseClass101.com is an innovative and fun way of learning the Chinese language and culture at your own convenience and pace.

Dr. Blair's Express Lane: Mandarin Chinese
by Robert Blair
Available on:
Audio Download

Say BaiBai to the notion that learning a language can’t be fun. Dr. Blair’s Express Lane Chinese teaches you Chinese more quickly and enjoyably than you ever thought possible.

Teach Yourself Cantonese
by Hugh Baker
Available on:
Audio CD | Audio Cassette

This audio will provide a basic understanding of a language spoken by 75 million people in Hong Kong and Southern China, for practical everyday use. It teaches the basics of Cantonese and builds on existing skills.

1 - 10 of 83 Titles
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