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An Evening with Ray Bradbury by Ray Bradbury

An Evening with Ray Bradbury

by Ray Bradbury


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Running Time
54 Min.
User Rating
  3.9  Stars Based on 12 ratings
Renowned science fiction author Ray Bradbury (Fahrenheit 451, The Martian Chronicles) gives aspiring writers some encouraging insight in this short lecture provided on streaming video by UCTV. Beginning with a list of essential practices he feels all writers should adhere to, Bradbury then demonstrates how events and people in his personal life fed his classic stories. Inspiring, funny and delivered with irreverent wisdom, Bradbury's account of his career is a sincere argument for "writing what you know". This talk is available on streaming video through YouTube.

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An evening with Ray Bradbury - Food for thought
Reviewer geneset
 August 18, 2011
For most of us, there are few occasions in life where we have the privilege of coming into the sphere of influence of really great people. This wonderful lecture was the third such experience for me, which is odd because neither Ray Bradbury nor Salvador Dali nor Dr. Edward Teller were favorites of mine.

Let me explain; Edward Teller was interviewed by a British late-night TV chat program some 40 years ago. Other people present included the interviewer, a leading politician and a heavyweight journalist. The interviewer and politician realized by listening for a few minutes that they were out of their depth and kept quiet. The journalist wasn't that bright! For me, it was the experience of listening to a pure genius; to experience the clarity of thought when answering long involved questions.

In the eighties, I found myself in Paris at the same time as Salvador Dali's 'Life works' exhibition was taking place at the Pompidou Centre. I am no fan of art in general and certainly not a fan of surrealism (as I believe Dali's work is categorised), but I made myself visit the exhibition and was glad I did. For me, two of Dali's paintings of the Crucifixion of Christ were breathtaking. The man could certainly paint although he has built a reputation for his avant garde style, he also painted wonderful traditional style portraits and landscapes. It was an eye-opening experience for me.

So to this wonderful lecture by Ray Bradbury. I do not like the majority of science fiction. It is not a genre I read but when an email popped up with Ray Bradury's lecture from 'learnoutloud', I decided to give it a chance. Within seconds, I was hooked. He may be in his 90's but he has a life energy and clarity of thought which most people never have in their lifetimes. I shall make a point of reading some of his work and resist the temptation of filing it away under 'sci-fi' and ignoring it. Forget the fact that he is an acknowledged writer. Enjoy the fact that he is a brilliant communicator and someone who has and is enjoying life to the full. Brilliant!!!


Reviewer the old rang
 July 18, 2010
Because I have a daughter, wanting to be a writer, I sent this page to her.

Because the lecture contained humor, wit, wisdom, insight, a wonderful review of some of his life, and the humanity of humans, much of which is gone, today.

Because he speaks open, up front, and with a minimum of non-real self importance...

Because of these, I laughed, smiled, even cried during this wonderful lecture.

Because, I have been reading Science Fiction for going on 60 years...

Because I know of, most of the names and people he mentions...

And, because I know most of the books involved in the writings...

I Felt memories of my own, and smiles of my own...

And, Because of these, I see nothing wrong, in a freely given lecture, by a man, of much life and living behind him...

To jbarnes... grow up... This was not given to kindergarten 001... This was given to a group of people trying to become writers.... not nanny state bumpkins (Which too many writers today, are... they call them journalists...)

Byzantium Again
Reviewer CyranoSmith
 May 19, 2009
So you know where I come from, I have been a fan of Bradbury for a very long time. That said, we begin:

It was fun and insightful to be given a tour of Mr. Bradbury's thought process: the search for metaphor; write what you are passionate about; know what you write and write what you feel about it.

Many good points about learning from your (writing) heroes, but don't try to write like them as it cannot be done and be true to yourself.

Even if you cannot 'fire the friends' that laugh at you, you do not have to listen to their nonsense.

And a PS to pbarnes: one man's blasphemy is another man's exclamation point. I wouldn't use such, either. Occasionally my characters do. As do Melville's. As muxh as we would like to, we cannot (successfully) Bowdlerize life.

Dana E. Hansen

time well spent
Reviewer Annisa
 May 05, 2009
i have not spent such a fulfilling 50 minutes in a long time as i did listening to Ray Bradbury. it was as if you were living in his time and being taught the joy of doing what you love best.'learn out loud ' is to be commended. thank you

Good lecture - about writing and life
Reviewer YeeFam
 April 25, 2008
Good lecture on the art of becoming a good writer - what to write and how to learn to be a writer.

All of the principles can be applied how to live a happy life - focus on what you like to do - don't imitate - work on your craft.

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