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Inside North Korea by Lisa Ling

Inside North Korea

by Lisa Ling


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Running Time
45 Min.
User Rating
  2.4  Stars Based on 14 ratings
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The North Korean government announced today that Kim Jong-il is dead. Since 1998 Kim Jong-il ruled over North Korea, and the North Korean government became known as one of the most repressive regimes in the world. In this 45 minute documentary National Geographic correspondent Lisa Ling takes us into the country disguised as a medical coordinator. She is able to get a glimpse into the bizarre everyday reality of living in North Korea from the nearly vacant streets of the capitol city of Pyongyang to the home life of a North Korean family. The crew encounters many difficulties along the way, but is able to come to a startling revelation by the end of the film. This documentary is available on streaming video from YouTube.

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Reviews & Ratings
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Great Documentary.
Reviewer Raynovic
 December 27, 2011
Good old USA.
Saw the video without any problems. Too bad folks are rating this a single star simply for not being able to see it. I'm glad that Learn Out Loud has posted the notice at the top of this page for those who encounter technical difficulty so that they can view directly from the other YouTube site. My thanks to Learn Out Loud for the e-mail notification and the link on this end. My thanks to Nat. Geo. for making it available free of charge. My thanks to the people involved in the making of the film. And a big round of applause for the Nepalese eye surgeon, Dr. Ruit, and his team.

Why email us about material we cannot view???
Reviewer jgshanahan
 December 20, 2011
I live in Ireland, and cannot watch the video either. Perhaps our western democracies are not that different to the North Korean regime -we just have more sophisticated editing techniques!

Ha Ha (Nelson's voice)
Reviewer geekboysk
 December 20, 2011
Not viewable. Since I am in South Korea, that is totally understandable.

What The Fog!
Reviewer quillancamper
 December 19, 2011
Difficult to be perfectly decided as to my score since I can't view this in the Philippines (don't see why) so I used my imagination. Next time, let let people know if video is not viewable in certain countries. Saves time.

Puzzled in Australia
Reviewer kathythomas
 December 19, 2011
Like others, I am disappointed not to be able to view this "free" resource and curious as why it should be banned in Australia?

Disappointed in Canada
Reviewer LizHoffmitz
 December 19, 2011
Sadly, we can't view this here.

Inside north Korea
Reviewer lakecpa
 December 19, 2011
Bravery of ling going behind enemy lines is commendable. Good history and filming.

unfortunate oversight
Reviewer rebeccabower
 December 19, 2011
This could have been one of your best and most timely offerings to-date, had you not made the major oversight of posting content un-viewable to a large percentage of your subscribers.
If you can rectify this, I would be very grateful.

Reviewer mamartin
 December 19, 2011
Banned in Brazil too !

Welcome to SOPA?
Reviewer sequeiran
 December 19, 2011
Is Learn Out Loud demonstrating to its users a pre-release SOPA before it inevitably gets legislated?

Yeah, banned. Nice.
Reviewer chris_b_shanks
 December 19, 2011
It would be nice if you picked videos your subscribers could watch. This video has been banned by the poster in my country (which is Canada; it's amazing how in almost every situation the Americans treat us like crap, but then when they have tourists here, they talk about how "friendly" and "welcoming" Canada is). The web is getting annoying, isn't it....

P.S. Hey Alex, you might want to reduce your 5 star rating to 0.5 above, considering your review. Too bad I couldn't message you; I was worried there would be 5 star reviews from people who couldn't view this video due to the dumb default 5/5 review Learn out Loud has.

Banned in your Country!!!
Reviewer AlexDGrant50
 December 19, 2011
What is meant by this. What sort if offer of a free resource is this when National Geographic chooses to not allow one to view when you have made the announcement that it is available for viewing.

We need an explanation. Which countries is it available in?

Why will National Geographic not make it available in some countries?

Why send this out to an international recipients if there are some sort of controls as to who may view and who may not.



Not Available
Reviewer DanRathbun
 December 19, 2011
I got a message saying the uploader has not made it available in my country (Viet Nam) either. I feel like I am getting the North Korea experience without leaving home.

Reviewer michi
 December 19, 2011
Unfortunately I cannot watch the video as it says that in my country it has been forbidden. Is this possible?



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  • Published: 2001
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