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Philosophy of Thomas Aquinas by Peter Kreeft

Philosophy of Thomas Aquinas

by Peter Kreeft

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8 Hrs.
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An enthusiastic admirer of the philosophy of Thomas Aquinas, professor and philosopher Peter Kreeft details the rational thought and precise literary talent that established Aquinas as the foremost thinker of his time—and as the most important philosopher for the almost two thousand years between Aristotle and Descartes. A landmark of philosophical achievement, Aquinas’s Summa Theologica has given theologians and philosophers much to discuss since the thirteenth century. Peter Kreeft explains why.

Lecture 1 Aquinas’s Importance and a Short Biography

Lecture 2 Philosophy and Theology, Reason and Faith

Lecture 3 Can You Prove God’s Existence?

Lecture 4 The Case Against Aquinas’s God and Proofs

Lecture 5 Our Knowledge of and Language About God

Lecture 6 “What Is God?”: The Divine Attributes

Lecture 7 Aquinas’s Cosmology: Creation, Providence, and Free Will

Lecture 8 Aquinas’s Metaphysics

Lecture 9 Aquinas’s Philosophical Anthropology

Lecture 10 Aquinas’s Epistemology

Lecture 11 Aquinas’s Ethics: What Is the Greatest Good?

Lecture 12 Aquinas’s Ethics: Right and Wrong

Lecture 13 Aquinas on Law

Lecture 14 Aquinas and Modern Philosophy

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