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Way of the Master Radio Interview by Dan Mages

Way of the Master Radio Interview

Todd Friel interviews Dan Mages of HungerTruth

by Dan Mages

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Way of the Master Radio is hosted by Ray Comfort, Kirk Cameron and Todd Friel. In this segment, Todd interviews Dan Mages, founder of hungertruth.com or better yet, attempts to evangelize Dan on the air. Find out if it worked. Todd seemingly jumps from topic to topic without answering Dan's objections. Make your own judgment and review the interview.

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worth the listen
Reviewer evanball
 April 06, 2008
This is the first time I have come across 'The Way of the Master' show. I was disappointed in Todd Friel's unwillingness to have a real conversation. Before he even begins interviewing his guest, Dan Mages, Todd is condescending and pompous (even though Todd makes a big deal about being humble). The humble host avoids debating the deity of Jesus, the origin of morality, and textual criticism. Instead he latches onto an argument that centers on defining a person as "good," as well as the fact that Dan's theology allows for some nonborn-agains to escape the punishment of hell. Todd hopes this will cast Dan as a heretic and therefore discredit all of his other arguments. Todd also repeatedly belittles people who find the idea of eternal punishment to be repulsive. Is he serious? Does he truly not see the idea of people being consciously tormented for ever and ever to be disturbing? I think his argument is that our sense of reason and morality is so broken that hell just seems immoral; but then he also uses reason to convince the audience that hell is reasonable and moral.

I felt that Todd avoided many of Dan's points, and his condescending tone made this even more bothersome. Regardless, I'm sure Todd's tactics of bullying, confidence, and condescension give his listeners a sense of security. I recommend this mp3 because I think it showcases this common tactic of arguing and I think Dan Mages makes some interesting points - points for which I would like to hear rebuttals. Maybe if the discussion were longer Todd would have addressed these issues. While this discussion was at times frustrating, overall this discussion was worth the listen.

Todd Friel interviews himself
Reviewer adonaiechad
 June 17, 2007
I gave this interview one star for the reason Todd Friel was interviewing himself.

It is sad that Dan would take his time to come onto the radio program and Todd to keep rudely interrupting the interview and changing the subject. Whenever Dan brings up an argument, Todd falls back on diverting the topic to what bad things Dan has done in his past. I would say to Todd, you are no different! Take the stick out of you eye Todd and lets have an informative interview, not a bunch of whining from a grown man.

I have never heard this guy Todd before but maybe he could get Anthony Buzzard on the program so that Anthony could mop the floor with him. Sadly, Todd uses the, I know you are but what am I approach.

To Dan, next time don't go onto this radio program unless you can talk to a grownup.

Credit I'll give to Todd is he does use "hip words" like "dude" and "man". LOL

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  • Published: October 2006
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