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This Author: Ron Masa, Ph.D.
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An Introduction to the I Ching by Ron Masa, Ph.D.

An Introduction to the I Ching

Apply Timeless Wisdom to Your Daily Questions

by Ron Masa, Ph.D.

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2 Hrs. 14 Mins.
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Please explore "An Introduction to the I Ching" and learn what this amazing oracle can offer you! The I Ching is the single most valuable tool I know of for making important decisions and for communing with our higher self. Spiritual help that has been tested and trusted by millions for over 3,000 years is right nearby. Just take the first step.

  • Get fast, personalized answers to any question
  • Receive instant guidance from your own higher self
  • Recognize opportunities & avoid potential problems
  • Ancient wisdom for modern times
  • Carl Jung's personal guide and ally for decades
  • 2+ hours of expert instruction by a Ph.D. psychologist
  • Learn about all these topics:

    • 1- What is the I Ching?
    • 2- Forming a Question
    • 3- Predicting the Future
    • 4- Question Practices
    • 5- Recommended Translations
    • 6- Origin and History
    • 7- Casting the Coins
    • 8- When the Answer Clicks
    • 9- Resistance
    • 10- Trigrams
    • 11- Jung's Intro
    • 12- Author's Comments
    • 13- "Mr. Ching Saves My Life"

    Transcribed Excerpt from
    Chapter 1: What is the I Ching?

    What is the I Ching? And why should you care? The I Ching is an amazing method which invites you to ask any question you want and then applies enduring wisdom to answer your question. You can ask any question that you care about. The I Ching is a powerful and trustworthy guide to explore any part of life that you find difficult or wish to look into more deeply.

    This unique book enables you to receive a wise and direct answer to any question, in writing. Carl Jung believed that the I Ching gave voice to the deep wisdom of the unconscious. Use whatever language makes sense to you: Some say the I Ching is a brilliant psychological tool for self awareness, while others
    say it gives a voice to our soul so it can speak to us directly.

    The good news is that the answers we get from the I Ching are the same ones we would eventually arrive at if we could spend enough time in reflection, meditation, or retreat. It magnifies our own inner truth. An I Ching reading is a little like getting a computer printout from the soul!

    The I Ching method originated in ancient China and has survived in active use, by millions of people, for nearly 5,000 years. The key to this form of guidance is that it expresses our own inner wisdom. And the amazing thing is that it really works. And least millions of users are convinced that it does. My own extensive experience has convinced me that it absolutely does work… but the best news… is that you can test this method out in your own life and draw your own conclusions. If you find a fraction of the value I do as I use it each day, you will hang onto this book for a lifetime…

    First a quick bio: I earned doctorates in psychology and in social work from the University of Michigan, worked for decades as a psychotherapist, author and educator, and I have also studied for many years with shamans and mystics. I ended up a kind of scientific mystic, making rigorous practical use of essentially spiritual tools like dreams and the I Ching. For the many who know little about the I Ching, I want to offer a simple, user-friendly intro to this powerful tool that can actually help you improve your life… starting soon. I can assure you, I would hate to do without it. And I bet you will feel the same way before long. A surprising number of the people I have taught this method to over the decades have continued to value it and use it for the rest of their lives. More so than anything else I have ever taught….

    This is the most amazing single book I have ever found in a lifelong search. When I imagine being stranded on a desert island, with only one book, this is the one that makes the cut. Partly because it’s so inspiring, partly because it guides and problem solves and actually helps with daily life choices, and because it allows me to converse with the source of being. I don’t care whether you call our source God, or Buddha mind, or the Collective Unconscious, or our higher self, or Mother Nature. The I Ching connects us with our source, and it reveals the innermost truths of our heart. As David Whyte says about poetry: It is the art of overhearing yourself say things from which you can never retreat. The I Ching helps us overhear our own interior truths.

    The I Ching is like a megaphone for the still small voice within us.

    Transcribed Excerpt from
    Chapter 11: Jung's Intro to the I Ching

    As you consider trying out this unusual method, consider what Carl Jung concluded about it long ago: “Although this procedure is well within the premises of Taoist philosophy, it appears exceedingly odd to us. However, not even the strangeness of insane delusions or of primitive superstition has ever shocked me.

    I have always tried to remain unbiased and curious. Why not venture a dialogue with an ancient book that purports to be animated? There can be no harm in it, and the reader may watch a psychological procedure that has been carried out time and again throughout the millennia of Chinese civilization, representing to a Confucius or to a Lao-tse both a supreme expression of spiritual authority and a philosophical enigma.”

    Jung was one of the world’s most astute and accomplished psychiatric interviewers; relying upon this strength he chose to publicly interview the I Ching! And interpret its answer like a psychiatrist who was scrutinizing a live person who he was going to introduce to his friends. You could say that Carl Jung gave the I Ching a kind of sanity hearing. In Wilhelm’s intro section you can read about the answer that “Mr I. Ching” gave to Dr Jung, his analyst. It described itself first as being a book with religious significance which contained spiritual nourishment. Then Mr. Ching lamented that its excellent qualities were “unknown and misjudged” and hence a rich potential was going unused. And finally the reading offered the comforting hope that it was about to regain recognition. Jung playfully wrote “this last (comment) obviously with a sidelong glance at my as yet unwritten forward.”

    So Dr. Jung experienced being convincingly informed by the ‘presence’ of the I Ching. He even experienced being playfully teased about getting on with writing the introduction he had promised to Richard Wilhelm. Carl Jung was entering into an actual dialogue with the I Ching and was receiving valid responses from the other party… though it was a book and not a human being at all. Yes, the I Ching was even taunting the good doctor about the forward he had promised… Jung got the joke and fully appreciated it.

    Dr Jung said that the overall answer to his question was perfectly understandable and that the answer both pleased him and satisfied him. In fact, he wrote: “Had a human being made such replies, I should, as a psychiatrist, have had to pronounce him of sound mind, at least on the basis of the material presented... On the contrary, I should have had to congratulate this hypothetical person on the extent of his insight into myunexpressed state of doubt.” So the master psychiatrist was impressed to the point of congratulations by the power of insight he found in the I Ching. The stringent test it had just passed was to convince a mature genius that you could accurately read and describe the doctor’s own inner feelings! The I Ching did so then and will do so for you… it knows how to get our attention...

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