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Audio News from Archaeologica Podcast
by Michelle Hilling
Available on:

The archaeology news of the week in audio, brought to you by The Archaeology Channel, compiled and written by Michelle Hilling of Archaeologica.org and read by Laura Kelley. The Audio News from Archaeologica is compiled from Archaeologica.org's daily news updates.

Fingerprints of the Gods
by Graham Hancock
Available on:
Audio Download | Audio Cassette

Using tools as varied as archaeo-astronomy, geology, and computer analysis of ancient myths...

Archaeology and the Iliad: The Trojan War in Homer and History
by Eric H. Cline
Available on:
Audio Download

The Trojan War, captured forever in Homer's epic poem the Iliad, resonates to the present day in the popular imagination, and this magnificent confrontation continues to exert a tremendous influence on modern audiences.

Signs Out of Time: The Story of Archaeologist Marija Gimbutas
Available on:
Online Video (Free)

Signs Out Of Time examines the life and work of world-renowned archaeologist Dr. Marija Gimbutas. Drawing from her extensive knowledge of mythology and linguistics, Lithuanian-born Gimbutas uncovered the life-affirming and goddess-worshipping civilizations of pre-historic "Old Europe."

Stonehenge and Ancient Astronomy
by Bradley Schaefer
Available on:
Online Video (Free)

Why were the motions of the Sun, Moon, and stars so important to ancient people? Investigate key astronomical directions noticed by all cultures.

Religion, Myth, and Magic
by Susan A. Johnston
Available on:
Audio Download

Anthropologist Susan Johnston turns a scholarly eye on one of humankind's primary interests throughout history: the spiritual belief system.

Prehistory and the Birth of Civilization
by Tara D. Carter
Available on:
Audio Download (Free)

This quarter introduces students to what is known about early humans, including the evolution of the human body and the reconstruction of Paleolithic and Neolithic cultures.

Nature of Earth: An Introduction to Geology
by John J. Renton
Available on:
DVD | Online Video | Video Download

Geology is everywhere. Would you like to know how to read the rocks and landscape, and how to make sense of debates over natural resources?

Forbidden Archeology
by Michael A. Cremo
Available on:
Audio Download | Audio Cassette

Discover an alternate history to the human race as the authors of Forbidden Archeology...

Ancient China From Above: Secrets Of The Great Wall
Available on:
Online Video (Free)

Archaeologist Allan Maca leads a team of intrepid experts on an epic adventure to solve mysteries, explore secrets and reveal amazing wonders of Ancient China like never before.

1 - 10 of 75 Titles
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