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8: "Sexual Intimacy" Program by John Selby

8: "Sexual Intimacy" Program

Guided Experiences for Intimate Heart Awakening

by John Selby

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66 Hrs.


Deeper sexual intimacy and fulfillment is something we all long for. John Selby has integrated ancient meditative approaches to sexual fulfillment with new cogntiive-therapy methods for breaking beyond inhibitions and negative attitudes, into a truly spiritual exploration of sexual intimacy.

With John's calm supporting voice, you'll be able to gently look inward and explore your attitudes and habits related to sexual intimacy - and step by step begin to let go of old constrictions, and awaken your heart to spontaneous interaction with your lover.

In this CD course, you'll learn to:

1: "Let Go Of Sexual Worries" ... We all have our inhibitions about sexual intimacy - this guided experience helps you understand your anxieties about sexual relating, and let go of your worries when you're making love!

2: "Heal Old Heartbreaks" ... Almost everyone carries around emotional contractions and even angry feelings related to past love affairs. Now you can step by step learn to let go of old heartbreaks, and feel truly good and whole in your heart in the present moment with your lover.

3: "Surrender To Passion" ... All too often, we approach love-making and sexual intimacy overly fixated in our thoughts and expectations. This guided session helps you learn hosw to shift fuly into the present moment with your lover, so that your passion is free to express itself spontaneously!

4: "Deep Spiritual Intimacy" ... Sexual love is one of the most powerful spiritual experiences - when we allow it to be. Without any religious or esoteric overtones, this session will help you open up so that you experience total spiritual ecstacy with your lover - over and over again...


Each of these four primary sessions lasts between 10 and 15 minutes, and you'll want to listen to each one many times because each time you'll have a new experience, and go deeper! You can listen to the sessions alone, or with your lover.

If you presently don't have a sexual partner, this CD will also very powerfully prepare you for a wonderful sexual relationship when you do meet and bond with your new mate. What's important is doing your own inner work and exploration and healing, so that when you are intimately engaged, you can let go, open your heart, and plunge to the depths of sexual ecstasy and awakening.

Enjoy this CD, and also find more information on this program and related training, at http://johnselby.com.

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