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This Author: Zhi Gang Sha
This Narrator: Zhi Gang Sha, Chun Yen Chiang
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Soul Symphony of Yin Yang by Zhi Gang Sha

Soul Symphony of Yin Yang

by Zhi Gang Sha

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Unabridged Edition
Running Time
36 Min.
User Rating
  5.0  Stars Based on 19 ratings
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New York Times best-selling author Dr. Sha offers a musical treasure straight from the divine in Divine Soul Symphony of Yin Yang.

The Soul Symphony of Yin Yang is a powerful treasure from the Divine. It will help balance yin and yang within your soul, heart, mind, and body. This divine symphony can offer blessings of healing and rejuvenation. It can benefit your health on all levels: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. It also can offer blessings to all that exists, including Mother Earth, all planets, and all universes. It is a most precious treasure.

The Soul Symphony of Yin Yang was given by the Divine to Master Sha and Mr. Chiang. It carries divine frequency and vibration, with divine love, forgiveness, compassion, and light. Listen to it and receive love, peace, harmony, and joy. Listen to it and be purified, transformed, and uplifted. Listen to it and receive healing blessings for every aspect of your life. The Soul Symphony of Yin Yang is a divine treasure. We are extremely blessed.

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Reviews & Ratings
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True Soul Music
Reviewer Helsoul
 May 11, 2010
To listen to this Symphony brings joy and light into daily live. It opens another dimension of listen-experience.

Balance, Heal , Rejuvenate.
Reviewer Frances Anne
 April 29, 2010
This is an amazing composition of healing and relaxing music. The frequency and vibration offers balance in many aspects of life. Recently a man diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder told me that he rarely listens to anything for more than 15 minutes. He was amazed and singing the praises of Master Sha, Mr. Chiang and The Divine. He had listened for three hours while on a motor trip. He said he arrived relaxed and feeling as if all was well in the world. This music brings balance to his thinking and emotions. You can ask for any Blessing while listening.. I love this album.

The Delight of Soul Symphony of Yin Yang
Reviewer drbrock66
 April 27, 2010
Soul Symphony of Yin Yang is one of my most favorite CD's. The moment it starts I can feel my soul begin to move. I find my soul, mind and body begin to loosen up and lighten up. As it continues I feel more and more transparent and fluid in my thinking, feeling and movement. It is quite remarkable to experience over and over. If you have never heard it, please click the "Hear Sample' button next to CD cover picture of Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha at the top of this page. I think you are in for a treat!

Lovely Music!!
Reviewer MudraLight
 April 27, 2010
This is a lovely CD. The music is exquisite. One can meditate with it, one can dance with it, and those who are familiar with Dr. Sha's work, know they can soul dance with this. This cd has beautiful sounds, and beautiful light that comes with the music, making this a healing cd, as well. Just listen and allow the song and frequency to come to your cells and heal you. When I listen to this cd I feel peace, inspiration and great joy. I highly recommend listening to this wonderful CD.

Reviewer robynrice1
 April 25, 2010
This is incredibly beautiful....it is something you can play over and over again and continue to love it more and more. This is like nothing I have experienced before.....I would call listening to this an experience, an absolutely wonderful experience indeed. It is wonderful to listen to driving, to calm the mind in heavy traffic. I find it beautiful to listen to before I go to bed and I also find it changes the vibration of my house. Just by playing this continuously at home you will notice the area will be much lighter and feel calmer.

A Masterpiece!
Reviewer SoulHealer
 April 24, 2010
I was really impressed with the quality of this music. I could tell that a tremendous amount of hard work went into creating, performing and recording it. I've been a musician for more than 35 years and can really appreciate the creativity that went into this. It is truly divinely inspired. I appreciate it more and more every time I listen to it. Honestly, it is some of the best music I've ever heard. I highly recommend this CD!

Joy and happiness
Reviewer blessingsEK
 April 13, 2010
The music of Soul Song Symphony directly reach the heart and soul. My heart is full of joy after listening and it makes me happy and calm. I love to do souldance to this music and to experience the balancing of emotions and increasing of power.

Yin Yang Soul Song - A CD brings healing and rejuvenating
Reviewer chimedical
 April 12, 2010
While you are listening to this beautiful Soul Symphony of Yin Yang I recommend that you read Master Sha's Divine Soul Songs book page 133 - talks about "Secret Wisdom of Yin Yang". It reveals new explanation of the connection between the physical world and the spiritual world. As a medical doctor and acupuncutrist I am very grateful to learn this new wisdom of Yin - Yang connection. Listening to this CD and practicing Yin - Yang Soul Song will refine your energy, matter and message further and closer to the Dao - the divine condition. www.chimedicalcenter.com

Beautiful and Healing
Reviewer wildknowing
 April 12, 2010
I love this CD. Soul Symphony of Yin Yang is a powerful healing tool. I have used this CD for healing stress, boosting my energy, or helping me to sleep or relax. I have given this CD to clients and they have received wonderful results including reduction in pain in chronic conditions, swift resolution of colds and flu, powerful calming during anxiety or panic attacks or situations where the body is under high stress. I highly recommend this soothing and powerfully healing CD.

Be Filled with Yin Yang Balance
Reviewer janailow
 April 06, 2010
It is so easy to find balance in the midst of a busy life. Listen to the Soul Symphony of Yin Yang while at the computer, washing dishes, needing to rest, needing to feel energized, finding clarity, feeling peaceful.............it is amazing how much inner balance and upliftment can be experienced by listening to this music for the soul, heart, mind and body. I find that if I think about what I really do need, for example, to feel more peaceful, or more uplifted, that begins to take place as I listen to this heavenly music. It truly does balance the listener! Try it. You'll like it!

Healing tool
Reviewer HealerAnn
 April 06, 2010
Singing along with or just listening to the Soul Symphony of Yin Yang will stimulate the energy circles within you. When Chi flows you are healthy.... I encourage all my clients to listen or sing with this CD. They feel uplifted, energized and renewed. I encourage you to try it yourself and see what occurs within you.

I Love This CD
Reviewer gigglesdulce
 April 02, 2010
I love the Soul Symphony of Yin and Yang CD. Every time I listen to this CD, I feel relaxed and happy.

Feel peace and general well-being
Reviewer vickyvicky
 April 02, 2010
I continue to enjoy this very much! For me it is calming, relaxing and induces a sense of well-being. Afterwards, though relaxed, i also feel energized. I often have this playing as background music, repeating over and over, and that seems to keep a pleasant, even-keel atmosphere.

Balance Your Heart & Soul
Reviewer hirobyn
 April 01, 2010
Relax and enjoy this heavenly music while at home or at play. This music will bring you back into balance after a tough day at work or bring about more relaxation if you are not in a stressful way. I've used it both ways. Check it out!

yin yang to balance your life
Reviewer liveasy
 March 31, 2010
This chant with sounds for the 7 soul houses and the wai jow on the back can balance your emotions, your vitality, rejuvenate your body, put you in a quiet space. This chant vibrates the verticle energy circle and balances yin and yang.
For the price of this CD you could have great results for your health, relationships, and conciousness. Enjoy. Thousands of people chant these sounds for wholness.

Life Soul Symphony of Yin Yang
Reviewer JFBM
 March 30, 2010
Under www.DrSha.com you can find more about the video Soul Song Concert in Neuss - Germany 2009.

Music for the Soul
Reviewer ernst1
 March 27, 2010
I am a true fan of classical music and I often listened to classical music for upliftment, relaxation and balancing emotions. Since I have met Dr. Zhi Gang Sha I use his CDs for healing, cleansing my home and boosting my energy and vitality. My soul so much enjoys the mix of Eastern and Western music and it works on a much deeper level than the "normal" classical music that I use it for healing myself and my environment and to give greatest pleasure to my soul, heart and ears. Listen and enjoy!

Love It!!!
Reviewer MG3396815
 March 20, 2010
It's so beautiful and relaxing. Brings Peace to the soul. I am grateful to own it. I also recommend checking out the many other soul song CD's at Dr.Sha.com, they are very healing.

All souls love this beautiful music!
Reviewer donnadonna
 March 18, 2010
Soul Song Symphony of Yin Yang is a wonderful background music to play while going about your daily routine. It brings high frequency into your home and creates an abundance of balance for you and your loved ones. I have it downloaded onto my computer and whenever I have loads of work to do, I play it to harmonize in my energy centers. It is also wonderful to dance to! I love to do guided soul movement to this music with visiting guests for an after dinner activity in my home. My dear little dog even loves to dance to this music with me! For more information about soul song and soul dance and balancing yin and yang, visit www.drsha.com

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  • Published: October 2009
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