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Gary Null's Perfect Health System by Gary Null

Gary Null's Perfect Health System

by Gary Null

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Unabridged Edition


Discover the 7 steps to Perfect Health!

The march of time may be inevitable, but the effect that time has on the way you look and feel is entirely under YOUR control. In Gary Null’s Perfect Health System, world-renowned nutrition and health expert Gary Null lays out in amazing detail his complete, A to Z system for anti-aging and total health that will empower you to:

* Halt and begin to reverse the biological aging process

* Look and feel better in 10, 20, even 30 years than you do today

* Identify and root out the underlying causes of imbalance in your life

* Never worry about being sick again

The Perfect Health System is built around 7 practical, doable steps that Gary has distilled down from years of scientific research, study, experimentation, and observation about what it takes to be truly, deeply, comprehensively healthy.

Gary outlines each of these seven powerful steps for you in vivid detail — explaining exactly why each step is critical to your overall health and wellness … what the impact will be on your body and mind once you take the step (and what it will be if you don’t!) … and the specific actions you should take to implement the step across the spectrum of your life. You’ll discover:

* The common food ingredient that is so toxic and opens you up to so many diseases, the FDA would almost undoubtedly ban it if it were discovered today. (You’ve almost certainly consumed it today—maybe even right now!)

* The secret to being “naturally thin”. (It’s simply a matter of removing one specific thing from your diet.)

* A surprising cause of allergies and a host of even worse health problems that you probably consume every day—because you’ve been told all your life how good it is for you!!

* A formula for calculating precisely how much water your body needs (versus someone else’s) so that you’re getting the maximum benefit from this miracle drink

* The once-a-day-for-4-months drink you can make in minutes that will get one of your most vital organs working at peak levels. (When it is, the likelihood of your getting sick decreases exponentially!)

* 6 foods to start eating as soon as possible, and 9 that you should do away with as quickly as you can

* The action you should take every 3-4 hours for one week (but no more!) to help detoxify your system

And so much more! This program gives you dozens of simple, logical, practical, and extraordinarily powerful steps you can take immediately to begin activating the 7 steps to perfect health in your life. Way beyond mere dietary changes, this System addresses the well-being of your whole self—mind, body, and spirit.

Practical solutions to everyday real-world challenges

We live in a society rife with toxicity and overloaded with too many choices and not enough information A trip to the average grocery store illustrates this challenge to healthy living perfectly. Most every shelf is packed with process junk, often disguised as “healthy” or “good for you” when in fact it’s been stripped of anything truly beneficial.

And when you do stumble in to a true “health food” area, the array of options—jars and bottles up to the ceiling with names you can’t even pronounce—can be so overwhelming and confusing, it feels healthier just to walk away!

All this means that even with the best of intentions, it’s easy to end up making misguided, misinformed, or just plain wrong choices that wind up having an adverse effect on your body

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