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10 Traits of Spiritual Productive People by Guy Finley

10 Traits of Spiritual Productive People

by Guy Finley

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There is a wonderfully simple solution to all of the stress, sorrow, and violence that are so widespread in our world today.

Yet, the problem is that even though this one simple idea sits in plain sight for all to see, most people will walk right past it; few are those who discover this key that opens the door to a dramatic improvement of their own life, as well as the lives of countless others around them.

Now is your chance to learn one of the richest hidden secrets in history!

Consider this:

Have you ever met someone who knew A LOT about self-development and who could spout a ton of spiritual ideas -- but whose own life was a wreck?

What about someone quick to give dieting or healing advice to other people, but who was far from the model of good health?

Did you know that the divorce rate among psychologists and psychiatrists is over 50% -- much higher than the national average?

How does this happen?

How is it possible that people can know something so completely in their heads, but be powerless to apply it in their own lives?

The answer to this simple question is no less than the dramatic and unsuspected answer to the endless string of "petty problems" that plague this world and each of our individual day-to-day lives:

Thinking is NOT the same as doing!

As human beings, we have the marvelous capacity to think about and imagine what is true and good. We can easily imagine and feel the emotional content of the quality of kindness, for example. We can also imagine and feel the qualities of bravery, compassion, justice, and love.

But, also as human beings, there is something inside of us that keeps us from remembering kindness in the moments when we are angry. There is something inside of us that keeps us from knowing forgiveness when we harbor resentment toward someone else. And, to bring it even more down-to-earth, how many times have we all said something like this to ourselves:

"That's it! I'm sick of over-eating, I'm going on a diet."

"I want to be healthier. I'm going to start going to the gym every other day."

"I'm tired of wasting money. I'm not buying another new pair of shoes for a year!"

"It's time. Tomorrow I'm finally going to get around to cleaning out the garage."

Once in a while we muster the interior will to carry out these types of resolutions, but most of the time there's just too much effort required to make the life changes we know we should. The minute this interior struggle begins to form, our false self suddenly finds a host of reasons why we can't succeed with our intention.

But that can change! In his brand new seminar, "10 Traits of Spiritually Productive People," Guy Finley shows us how we can awaken a New Will inside of us that is stronger than any thought that would dare hold us back. This New Will is the key to turning all of the utopian thoughts in our minds into their actual reality!

Not-for-profit Life of Learning Foundation is making this new seminar available for the next seven days at the amazingly low price of $2.99 on audio tape or $3.49 on CD.

- Awaken newfound stores of energy
- Drop all punishing negative states, including painful doubts, regrets, and fear of the future
- Break old, conditioned thinking patterns and realize the higher realms of your own mind awakened to itself
- Learn how to let life reach, teach, and perfect you through the ever-unfolding Present Moment
- Discover the secrets of a whole new kind of success -- without stress

It's clear: the transformation of our world into a brighter, happier, more productive place can only happen when we become brighter, happier, more productive individuals. To do this, we need to do more than just think about and talk about higher principles; we need to actually embody their power!

And the only way to accomplish this is with a combination of higher knowledge and a commitment to personal inner work. Guy Finley's powerful new seminar, "10 Traits of Spiritually Productive People," provides the knowledge; you provide the rest.

There is nothing more fulfilling than improving your life while you improve the world. There is nothing greater than bringing Light into a relationship with the understanding of true compassion. There is nothing more heroic than having full command of your own actions.

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