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The Best of The New Man: Season 1 by The New Man Podcast

The Best of The New Man: Season 1

Exploring the Authentic Approach to Sex, Relationships, Women, Careers and Your Life Purpose

by The New Man Podcast

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6 Hrs. 13 Mins.
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Learn the secrets to a living a rewarding and more meaningful life from The New Man.

On our widely popular internet radio show, The New Man Podcast: Beyond the Macho Jerk and The New Age Wimp, we have spent the last year talking to experts in the fields of career, health, dating, relationship, and spirituality and asking essentially, "What is The New Man?" As you can imagine, the experts have a lot to say, and we have spent nearly 100 hours learning from these masters in their fields.

From these extensive conversations, we have distilled the key nuggets, the best of the best and put them all together for you in one place.

Purchase The Best of The New Man Volume 1 and get the inside scoop on what we have learned from a year of exploring what is possible for Men in the 21st Century.

In Session 1 featuring Relationship experts Alyson Schwabe, Reuvain Bacal and LiYana Silver you will learn:

  • How to Have Your Own Life and be Connected to Your Partner
  • How to No Longer Be Fearful of Commitment Without Selling Yourself Out
  • How to Have Difficult Talks With Your Partner
  • How to Bring What You Want to the Table When You Know it May Rock Her Boat
  • What Women Really Want
  • The Keys to The Female Kingdom

Session 2 features Alissa Kriteman of the Just for Women Podcast. She shares the female perspective on:

  • Why Do Women Seem So Erratic?
  • How To Approach an Attractive Woman You Don't Know
  • What Women Love from Men
  • How to Deal With Your Woman When She "Tests" You
  • How to be Firm With Your Woman Without Being an Asshole
  • What to do if You're Single and Wanting to Find that Special Someone

In Session 3 Bryan Bayer of the Authentic Man program talks about:

  • Dealing with Your Neediness
  • Getting Out of the Friend Zone
  • How Women Experience You But Are Too Afraid to Tell You
  • How You Are With A Woman is More Important Than What You Do
  • What Makes a Man Want to Transform His Life

Session 4 is all about sex, with sex expert Sandor Gardos:

  • What Kills Sex in a Relationship?
  • Is Erectile Dysfunction for Real or are Men Not Attracted to their Partners?
  • How You’re Playing a Small Game in the Bedroom
  • How to Deal with "Blue Balls"
  • How Sex Can Become a Spiritual Practice

Session 5 is the exploration of our own interior world with Robert Augustus Masters:

  • Why the World Needs More Anger
  • Why "Nice" Guys Can Seem Creepy and Untrustworthy
  • Reconnecting with Your Sense of Fire and Passion
  • The Difference Between Anger and Agression
  • What Do You Do With Your Anger when it shows up

In Session 6, we bring it all together, and go after the big picture as Kute Blackson challenges us:

  • Are You Ready to Die?
  • Why Are You Holding Back in any Area of Your Life?
  • How to Connect to What is Most Important for You
  • Cut the Bullshit and Live the Life of Your Dreams Today
  • What Are You Waiting For?

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