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The New York Minute Show Podcast by Robert J. Safuto

The New York Minute Show Podcast

by Robert J. Safuto

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The New York Minute Show is an online guide to New York City delivered in audio, video and text format. It's the next best thing to being there.

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Reviewer cajkkw
 February 17, 2006
Those who live in New York City will find this podcast to be very useful and entertaining. This is not a show for tourists but for those who live and work in New York City everyday. If you want to know about events going on in the city, restaurants that you should try, or just want to explore an area of the city that you have not had the chance to visit, then this show is perfect for you. Robert Safuto even provides his listeners with directions to places. I especially liked the shows where Robert provided tips on how to date on a budget in this expensive city and how to meet people. Basically, everything that you want to know about the city, this show has. Robert even gives a little history lesson at the end of his shows and spotlights emerging talents in the city.
The only downsides of this show is that when Robert is out and about exploring the city, there is a lot of noise (you hear all of the street and road traffic) so it is a bit hard to hear him through the rubble. And again, this is not a show for tourists but those who want to know the real New York City.

A Podcast For NY'ers and Tourists Alike
Reviewer podcastnyc
 February 17, 2006
I want to thank cajkkw for the comments. I also thank you for listening and giving a positive star rating. I'll try to work on the outdoor noise in future shows. Some folks like the ambience of the city but I agree that it can be distracting at times.

I think that tourists will find the show to be as valuable a resource as folks who live in the area of NY City. There are lots of tips on places to go, events to attend and many other things that tourists would love to know about. These are things that NY'ers would enjoy as well. Essentially I try to be a tourist in NY myself which can be fun, especially after experiencing the town for so many years and forgetting all the great joys that it has to offer.

I hope to continue to produce excellent shows for a long time to come. I also want to thank the folks from Learn Out Loud for including my show in this space.

Happy Listening :)

Rob S

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  • Published: 2002
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