Audie Award Winners of 2009

Audie Award Winners of 2009

2009 Audie Award Winners

The Audie Awards took place on May 29th in New York City. For those of you who've not heard of the Audies, they are basically the Oscars for audio books. You can check out the winners on our blog here:

2009 Audie Award Winners

Here are some highlights of the winners which we offer through LearnOutLoud.com:

Audiobook of the Year
The Graveyard Book
Publisher: Harper Audio
Author: Neil Gaiman
Narrator: Neil Gaiman

Audio Drama
The Odyssey
Publisher: BBC Audiobooks America
Author: Homer
Narrator: Tim McInnerny, Amanda Redman and a Full Cast

Audiobook Adaptation
A Prairie Home Companion: English Majors
Publisher: HighBridge Audio
Author: Garrison Keillor
Narrator: Garrison Keillor et al.

Great Expectations
Publisher: Tantor Media
Author: Charles Dickens
Narrator: Simon Vance

Personal Development
You: Staying Young
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio
Author: Michael F. Roizen, Mehmet C. Oz
Narrator: Michael F. Roizen, Mehmet C. Oz

The Last Lecture
Publisher: Harper Audio
Author: Randy Pausch, Jeffrey Zaslow
Narrator: Erik Singer, Randy Pausch

Business Information/Educational
The Little Red Book of Selling
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio
Author: Jeffrey Gitomer
Narrator: Jeffrey Gitomer

Children's Titles for Ages Up to 8
James Herriot's Treasury for Children
Publisher: MacMillan Audio
Author: James Herriot
Narrator: Jim Dale

Gandhi & Churchill
Publisher: Recorded Books
Author: Arthur Herman
Narrator: John Curless

Inspirational/Faith-Based Non-Fiction
The Word of Promise: Next Generation - New Testament
Publisher: Thomas Nelson Word
Narrator: Sean Astin, Codey Linley, Anna-Sophia Robb and Jordin Sparks

Literary Fiction
Elmer Gantry
Publisher: Blackstone Audio
Author: Sinclair Lewis
Narrator: Anthony Heald

Narration by the Author or Authors
When You Are Engulfed in Flames
Publisher: Hachette Audio
Author: David Sedaris
Narrator: David Sedaris

Hot, Flat, and Crowded
Publisher: MacMillan Audio
Author: Thomas L. Friedman
Narrator: Oliver Wyman

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Download One of Our Top 100 Sellers

At LearnOutLoud.com our bestsellers list isn't similar to what you'd find at most other book retailers. Many of our top 100 sellers are among the most life-changing audio programs available. You can check out our top 100 sellers here:

LearnOutLoud.com's Top 100 Sellers

All of our bestsellers are educational & inspirational audio programs and almost all of them are available on audio download. Here are some of our favorites and how they rank in the Top 100:

3. Excuses Begone! - Wayne Dyer's new book unabridged on CD and MP3 Download and read by Dr. Dyer himself!

16. A Brief History of Everything - Ken Wilber's expansive account of our place in a universe of sex, soul, and spirit. Available on CD and MP3 Download.

20. Guided Meditations: Body Scan Meditation by Bodhipaksa - Features a deep relaxation meditation called a "body scan", where the attention is systematically guided around the body in order to bring about progressive relaxation. Available on CD and MP3 Download. Only $3.65!

22. Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch - Walsch wrote God a letter venting his frustrations and after he finished, he continued writing and got answers. Available on CD and MP3 Download.

26. The Five Love Languages - Dr. Gary Chapman identifies five basic languages of love. Unabridged and read by the author. Available on CD, MP3-CD, and Download.

34. First Things First by Stephen R. Covey - A revolutionary guide to managing your time by learning how to balance your life. Available on CD and MP3 Download.

58. Secrets of Being Unstoppable by Guy Finley - "Hidden deep within you is an unstoppable power." Available on MP3 Download.

73. The Secret Law of Attraction by Napoleon Hill - This audiobook focuses its attention on two of the most famous names mentioned as keepers of the secret - Andrew Carnegie and Napoleon Hill. Available on CD and MP3 Download exclusively through LearnOutLoud.com.

76. Change Your Brain, Change Your Life - Dr. Daniel Amen teaches the many ways that you’re not stuck with the brain you’re born with. Available on Audio Download.

93. The Lotus and the Cross by Ravi Zacharias - Jesus and Buddha agreed that Truth could withstand scrutiny. Listen in as the Soul of Truth speaks with the Heart of Compassion. It could change your life. Available on CD and MP3 Download.

95. The Nicomachean Ethics by Aristotle - The great Greek philosopher Aristotle sets out to discover the good life for man, the life of happiness. Available unabridged on MP3 Download.

96. Theta Meditation System by Dr. Jeffrey Thompson - Mid-Theta meditation to calm your mind and balance your emotions. Available on MP3 Download.

Enjoy these and other life-changing audio bestsellers!

Thanks for Your Donations to Literacy Bridge

LearnOutLoud.com recently donated money to Literacy Bridge, a charity that is providing Talking Book Devices to families in the rural north of Ghana. If you remember back in December we promised to donate $1 of every order from Christmas through New Year's to Literacy Bridge:

$1 of Every Order to Literacy Bridge Charity

You responded with over 500 orders and we donated $549 to the Literacy Bridge program. Thanks for your donations!

Cliff from Literacy Bridge responded:

"Thank you so much for the very generous donation!

"Up until recently, all of our support came from individual donors. We're excited to now be getting support for our work from corporate donors; but it's especially nice to get support from a company that is also making educational materials available through media. More than most, I imagine your employees and customers must truly recognize the impact of access to information.

"Please pass our appreciation to everyone at LearnOutLoud.com for taking this action to apply your company's mission to people who haven't inherited the same resources as the rest of us."

And at LearnOutLoud we say thank you to all who ordered and donated $1 of their order. We hope to do more charity donations in the future and encourage audio learning around the world! If you haven't yet, please visit Literacy Bridge today and consider giving a donation or becoming a volunteer:

Literacy Bridge

And listen to some great audio testimonials here:

Audio Testimonials from the Literacy Bridge Pilot Program in Ghana

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