Audio Books for Children

Audio Books for Children

The New Kids.LearnOutLoud.com Section

Just in time for summer, we've launched a new section of our site devoted entirely to audio and video learning resources for kids & teens. We call it:


Feel free to browse all the sections within Kids.LearnOutLoud.com:

  • Our Kids Catalog - The Internet's largest resource of audio learning titles for kids including over 1,000 audio books, MP3 downloads, and podcasts.
  • Kids Sale Section - Shop for hundreds of discounted audio books for kids available on CD, Cassette, and MP3 Download.
  • Audio Downloads for Kids - Download MP3 audio books for kids and teens to listen to.
  • Kids Free Stuff - Podcasts and free audio for kids

    We plan on adding thousands of titles to our kids section in the coming months. If you know of any great audio and video learning resources we're missing, please don't hesitate to email us: suggestions@learnoutloud.com.

    NOTE: You can now always access our Kids.LearnOutLoud.com section by click the new KIDS tab at the top of all our pages. We have moved the link to our Forums down to the footer of all our pages.

    Kids Audio Book Downloads from Don Johnston Incorporated

    And coinciding with our Kids.LearnOutLoud.com launch, we're also featuring over 70 kids audio book downloads from Don Johnston Incorporated:

    Don Johnston Incorporated Downloadable Audio Books

    Their titles are educational audio books written and edited for kids and teens. They publish edited versions of classic literature like Treasure Island and Little Women. They also offer biography and history titles such as Harriet Tubman, Sacagawea I Have a Dream about Martin Luther King, Jr., and For Liberty about the American Revolution.

    Don Johnston Incorporated also offers printed text of these audio books at www.donjohnston.com to aid kids and teens in their reading abilities.

    Aesop's Fables Podcast

    We recently launched our Aesop's Fables Podcast. Each podcast will consist of three fables by the ancient Greek storyteller Aesop.

    We'll be podcasting all the classic fables including The Tortoise and the Hare, The Boy Who Cried Wolf, The Goose that Laid the Golden Eggs, The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing, and hundreds more. Kids and adults will enjoy these moral tales played out by anthropomorphic animals. These fables come from George Fyler Townsend's standard English translation, known for the succinct moral at the conclusion of each story.

    Aesop's Fables Podcast on LearnOutLoud.com

    Subscribe to the Aesop's Fables Podcast on iTunes

    And we might as well tell you that our Free Audio Book on the Month for June is Aesop's Fables, so you can download the unabridged audio book during the month of June if you'd like.

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