Dr. Wayne W. Dyer Books on Audio

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer Books on Audio

Wayne Dyer's New Book: Excuses Begone!

One of the most popular authors on our site has always been self-help author & lecturer Wayne Dyer. For over 30 years now Dyer has been passing on his insights and motivation to millions of people around the world. We're now offering his latest work Excuses Begone!: How to Change Lifelong, Self-Defeating Thinking Habits in two versions, as both an unabridged audio book and a lecture series available on Audio:

Excuses Begone! Unabridged Audiobook Written & Read by Wayne Dyer

Excuses Begone! Live Lecture Series Delivered by Wayne Dyer

In a time when no one can afford to fall back on their old excuses, Wayne Dyer provides new insights on how to drop your excuses and change the lifelong thinking habits that prevent you from living at your highest levels of happiness and success.

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Gain practical spiritual insight from bestselling author Wayne Dyer!

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