Eckhart Tolle MP3s

Eckhart Tolle MP3s

Listen to Eckhart Tolle

Eckhart Tolle's book A New Earth was recently featured on Oprah Winfrey's book club, and Oprah and Eckhart Tolle are now leading a free ten-week online class which is available as a podcast:

Oprah and Eckhart Tolle's A New Earth Online Class Podcast

LearnOutLoud.com also features a number of Eckhart Tolle's teaching if you're interested in delving further into this spiritual teacher. You can check out his author page with audio books, MP3 downloads, and podcasts here:

Eckhart Tolle Author Page

Here are some audio programs from Eckhart Tolle:

-Even the Sun Will Die
-The Power of Now
-The Eckhart Tolle Audio Collection
-The Realization of Being
-Through the Open Door to the Vastness of Your True Being

Gain some spiritual insights with Eckhart Tolle!

Introducing eduFire.com

Introducing eduFire.com - A New (and Better!) Way to Learn a Language

Hi! My name is Jon Bischke and I'm the founder of LearnOutLoud. My passion is providing you with the most enjoyable learning experiences online and that's why I'm very excited to introduce you to our latest project: eduFire.com.

eduFire.com is the most convenient way to learn languages over the Web. Rather than being limited to learning from people who are close to you, you can now choose from the best tutors around the country and around the world. We're offering the latest in live video technology so you can learn from the comfort of your own home. If you're interested in learning Spanish, Mandarin or any of dozens of other languages, taking lessons at eduFire is a great way to become conversationally fluent.

I'd love to have you try a session on eduFire so I'm giving away a free one-hour private tutoring session to the first 10 people who respond. If you're interested in trying out this new service (with no obligation), send me an email at jon@edufire.com with "LearnOutLoud offer" in the subject field.

And there's more than just tutoring sessions happening here! eduFire.com is an online community and social network for people interested in expanding their cultural knowledge and learning multiple languages. Other areas of the site that you can explore include...

eduFire Videos - We've gone to great lengths to find the best language learning videos on the Internet and put them all in one place for you. So whether you're interesting in learning how to say I love in different languages, what you might learn in one semester of Spanish (that one is hilarious!) or any of hundreds of other things you'll dig eduFire Videos.

eduFire Forums - Learning a language is more fun when you do it with other people. While the community at eduFire is only a few weeks old some very interesting discussions have started there already. Check out Traveling on a Vegetarian Diet, Argentina versus Spain Showdown! and Traveling to China- What do I need to know? for examples of what's happening on the forums.

The eduFire Blog - In addition to videos, there are a number of other good resources for learning languages out there. The eduFire blog contains thousands of free resources that you can use to learn English, German, Italian and many other languages. You can subscribe to the blog via RSS or have new posts in your favorite language sent to you by email.

If you have any friends or family who are interested in learning languages please forward them this email or tell them about eduFire. It's a pleasure to provide educational services like LearnOutLoud and eduFire to you and I thank you for supporting us as we do our best to make the world a more intelligent place!


Jon Bischke CEO/Founder, LearnOutLoud.com and eduFire.com

thinkArete.com: concentrated wisdom for you

The classic Greek philosophers had a word for the process of self-actualizing and striving to reach your highest potential. They called it 'Areté.' In fact, Areté was one of the most important values in classic Greek culture. Guys like Socrates, Plato and Aristotle tell us that the meaning of life is to live with happiness and that the way to achieve happiness is to live with Areté (aka excellence, striving to reach your highest potential). By looking at the universal truths taught by philosophers, religions, self-development gurus and current psychological research, I think we can find the keys to self-actualizing and happiness. Check out www.thinkArete.com for big ideas, quotes and videos on living with Areté.

New Downloads from Phoenix Audio

We're now offering over 100 audio downloads from Phoenix Audio with titles ranging from classic Raymond Chandler novels to business training audio to comedic audio books from Bill Maher & Al Franken. Check out new downloads from Phoenix Audio:

Phoenix Audio Downloads

Some of the highlights include:

The Future of Life by Edward O. Wilson

Treasury of Contemporary Children's Stories

Mind Power: Visualizing Your Success in Business by Gini Graham Scott, Ph.D.

The James Joyce Collection by James Joyce

The Obvious Diet by Ed Victor

Enjoy these new downloads and watch out for more from Phoenix Audio!

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