LearnOutLoud.com Philosophy, Authors, Podcasting, & Community

LearnOutLoud.com Philosophy, Authors, Podcasting, & Community

Introduction to the LearnOutLoud.com Philosophy

Hi there, I just want to take a minute to personally welcome you to our first LearnOutLoud.com E-Magazine. If you find you don't have the time to read every book you've been meaning to, or you want to bone up on a subject you've become enamored with, we are the resource you've been looking for.

We don't just offer a catalog of audio books; we want to change the very concept of learning itself. Education is no longer restricted to the domain of the classroom or the study hall. Imagine the freedom of learning to speak fluent German on your way to work, or listening to the wisdom of the Dalai Lama while you exercise. The time will come when everyone will be able to learn whatever they want, wherever they want, and it isn't some futuristic fantasy. While bringing LearnOutLoud.com to life, we've discovered that great audio programs on every subject you can conceive of are currently waiting to be heard. If you want to enrich your life in ways you never thought possible, let LearnOutLoud.com show you just how easy it is.

Learn More From Your Favorite Authors

You've had it happen many times: You loved a book by an author, want to hear more, but you're not sure where to start. Worse yet, you have no easy way of knowing if the author's work is even available on audio in the first place! Hours of needless searching can now be over with the LearnOutLoud.com Author Pages! Each of these unique Author Profiles offer a brief biography, our personal suggestions of what titles to listen to first, and finally a comprehensive list of every single item available on audio and video from that author.

Are you looking for the whole "Conversations with God Series" by Neale Donald Walsch? How about hearing detailed nutrition guides from Andrew Weil, or getting sales advice directly from Zig Ziglar? Now you can find your favorite authors and learn all you can from them at LearnOutLoud.com.

Join the Podcasting Revolution!

If you haven't heard of Podcasting yet, you will. These audio programs can be recorded by anyone with a microphone, something to say, and a computer to disperse it to the world. Think of it: instead of having to listen to a radio show at the right time, you can download the podcast version, put it on your iPod or any portable digital audio device, and save it for your commute home! Imagine a radio listening experience that doesn't require settling for obnoxious talk radio, putting up with annoying commercials, or being forced to sit through repetitive music programming. Soon there will be a podcast for every interest.

You can already download podcasts on subjects ranging from Catholicism, Marketing, Astronomy, and Technology News to name but a few. There's even podcasts of mainstream radio shows like The Al Franken Show!

Obviously we're excited by this new technology, and we decided that many listeners could use a free podcast that is devoted solely to information on audio learning. So we created our own podcast, LearnOutLoud.com's "Audio Learning Revolution", where we discuss audio learning Topics, Authors, Publishers, and technological trends in the world of Spoken Work education. The "Audio Learning Revolution" promo was just featured on the Mother of All Podcasts, Adam Curry's "Daily Source Code", so that means that our podcast is quality. Now break the boundaries of radio and actually enjoy those long trips home with your favorite podcast!

Take Part in the LearnOutLoud.com Community!

We are updating LearnOutLoud.com every day and we want you to be an integral part of its development. Whenever we read a good article about audio books, find an obscure audio learning resource, or simply write a review of audio programs we're passionate about, we share it with you on our daily Blog or in the LearnOutLoud.com Forums. However, it's important that this isn't a one way conversation. Have you recently heard a book that's inspired you? Do you have a question about what mp3 player to buy? Are you going on a trip and need some suggestions for what to listen to?

We have the opportunity to create a community that can answer such burning questions, share valuable insights, and discuss what we're all learning. Feel free to comment on our Blog or Register to talk with other LearnOutLoud.com members in the Forums. It's totally free and we're always looking for kindred spirits that love to debate, inquire, and chat about everything related to learning on audio.

Become an Expert on a Topic

by Seth@LearnOutLoud.com

I am always getting interested in a new topic. Whether it be about how I can Improve my Diet, about the life of Martin Luther King, Jr., or about the practice of Zen Buddhism, I always seem to be adding new things I want to know more about. But the thing is that daily life sometimes intervenes: I work full time, always have an extracurricular project, and like to keep up with friends. How do I make the most of my time and learn new things every day? The solution is through audio learning.

LearnOutLoud.com's Topic Pages are the product of our conviction that you can learn the ins and outs of new subjects easily without devoting days to finding the best resources and then weeks to researching these topics. Whether you are interested in the Left-Wing Politics or Right-Wing Politics, you want to take a Trip through the United States, or you're thinking about getting into Real Estate, you can master any topic by listening to audio programs.

The topic pages offer an essay that tackles the basics and then we give you a carefully selected list of audio titles that will help you become an ace. Learning something new no longer means you have to pour over dusty old books or take an expensive 5 month course; now you can conveniently pop in a CD or Cassette into your car stereo, or download a title on Audible.com and listen to it on your mp3 player. The topics we choose to showcase are based on what we've found to be the most popular topics to learn on audio. Please e-mail your suggestions to us at: suggestions@learnoutloud.com with the ideas for topic pages you would like to see us create.

Thanks for Reading LearnOutLoud.com's E-Magazine

Thank you for taking the time to read more about what we're trying to do at LearnOutLoud.com. We hope that you've been inspired by the possibilities made available to you in spoken word audio and are encouraged to explore this world for yourself. One of the greatest truths you can know is that there is no limit to what you can learn. What LearnOutLoud.com wishes to impart to you is that the old limitations placed on how and where you can learn have now been shattered. Take the first step into a whole new universe of education and personal empowerment.

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