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Presidential Biographies

Presidential Biographies

Few people fascinate us more than the men that have been chosen to be President of the United States. As Americans, we are irresistibly drawn to their life stories, reflect on their historical importance, and become enraptured by the era they come to embody.

Listening to Presidential Biographies on Audio doesn't just provide a valuable lesson of the ongoing character of the American Presidency, it also offers inspirational stories of the every day Americans that are called to serve their country on a national and global scale. What follows is a brief summary of the most important presidential biography audio books we have found.

Founding Fathers
If one is to understand the very basis of the American Presidency, there can be no man more influential to its current standing than George Washington. Author Joseph J. Ellis' quintessential biography "His Excellency" is a fascinating account of the first president's life and times. With so many Washington biographies mired in a mythology that blurs the real man, this audio book is one of the first titles that works to paint a real portrait of Washington. Using Washington's personal notes as a basis, Ellis' biography is now considered by many to be the definitive account of this American icon's life.

There's also the classic Thomas Jefferson biography. "Thomas Jefferson and His Time" is the first in a six volume audio book series that was written between 1943 and 1975 by Dumas Malone. The first volume covers Jefferson's family tree, his early education, the building of Monticello, and the drafting of the Declaration of Independence. By Far, this audio book series is the most detailed biography of any of the American Presidents, and Malone was rewarded handsomely for this masterwork with a Pulitzer Prize in History.

19th Century Presidents
The president most identified with that tumultuous civil-war era is undoubtedly Abraham Lincoln. With the audio book "Lincoln" by David Herbert Donald, you will hear how President Lincoln led one segment of the country to victory during the Civil War, how his speeches developed a new national ideal, and ultimately how this inexperienced lawyer rose to the level of historical giant. If you want to know more about the man that shaped the mind of modern America look no further.

Next I will point you to the brilliant "Personal Memoirs of U.S. Grant", by Ulysses S. Grant, an incomparable autobiographical account of an American President. This three part series is the personal report of a beleaguered man that endured a life of financial misfortunes, the bloody reality of war, and finally, a troubled presidency. Grant wrote these memoirs while he was on his death bed, and they are now held up by many as the definitive personal account of what it means to be the President.

20th Century Presidents
For those that are interested in World War II, the Cold War, and the changing face of the Presidency in the modern era, David McCullough's "Truman" is an incredible tale. Like McCullough's other best-seller "John Adams", this audio book is a sweeping story of a man that did not let huge historical events drown him, but rather through sheer determination rose to be a prime motivator in his era's forward momentum. From his rapid rise to governorship, to his decision to drop the first Atom Bomb, to his surprise re-election as president, Truman showcases the immediate aftermath of World War II and how it shaped what we know today.

Finally I will finish off this overview with Bill Clinton's "My Life"; a candid portrait of one of the most controversial figures in the history of American politics. Here Clinton himself tells the tale of his boyhood in Arkansas, his rise to governor, and finally a presidency marked by economic prosperity, rampant scandal, and vicious political infighting. With the advent of spoken word media, we are now able to form a more intimate relationship with our leaders in public office; one that not only makes history more accessible, but also allows those who took part in it a chance to argue their case.

LearnOutLoud.com is excited to give you this list of Presidential Biographies on audio. We have worked long and hard to provide you with stories that will help you fill in the blanks of American history, and meet the people that led our country through continual change. With these audio books you will easily learn about the United States by forming a relationship with personalities that gave it a face.