Templeton Foundation Books on MP3

Templeton Foundation Books on MP3

New Downloads From Templeton Audio

LearnOutLoud.com is pleased to be offering exclusive audio downloads from Templeton Audio, an imprint of Templeton Foundation Press. With recently added titles, we now offer 20 downloadable audio books. These audio books cover a range of topics such as altruism, business and spirituality, character development, forgiveness, inspirational virtues, psychology, science and religion, and spirituality and health.

The Templeton Foundation Press was founded as a program of the Templeton Foundation, Inc., a nonprofit foundation established by investor and philanthropist Sir John Templeton. Sir John Templeton passed away this year on July 8, 2008 at the age of 95. Learn some of the wisdom offered by this generous spiritual seeker. Here are the titles we offer on download by Sir John Templeton:

Agape Love

Golden Nuggets

Possibilities for Over One Hundredfold More Spiritual Information

The Templeton Plan

Why Are We Created?

Wisdom From World Religions

And here are some of the new downloads we offer from Templeton Audio:

The Healing Connection by Harold G. Koenig

The Power of Prayer Around the World by Glenn Mosely

Love That Works by Bruce Brander

Spiritual Investments by Gary Moore

When Sickness Heals by Dr. Siroj Sorajjakool

The New Flatlanders by Eric Middleton

Humility by Everett L. Worthington, Jr.

Noble Purposes by William Damon

You can browse and listen to samples of all Templeton Audio Downloads here:

Templeton Audio Downloads

The Relaxation Company & Total Mind

We've recently added two new publishers to our catalog: The Relaxation Company & Total Mind. The Relaxation Company has been creating musical and spoken recordings that assist people in their quest for inner calm and balance for 20 years. Our first offerings from The Relaxation Company are some of their bestselling titles by Dr. Jeffrey Thompson and have been based on over 15 years of pioneering clinical research. These audio programs feature gentle soothing music embedded with pulses of sound which activate your brainwave patterns.

You can browse and listen to samples of all fourteen of The Relaxation Company audio downloads here:

The Relaxation Company Downloads

Here are some highlights from the titles we offer:

Alpha Relaxation System

Creative Mind System

Delta Sleep System

Healing Mind System

Theta Meditation System

Total Mind features audio programs that use sophisticated blends of binaural beats, harmonic frequencies, overtones and pink sound that support the listener in beneficial states of consciousness. Total Mind audios are individually blended and sequenced together to gently assist the listener to reduce stress and achieve deep relaxation, achieve positive behavior modification, perform tasks requiring concentration and creativity, reduce effects of ADD and ADHD, promote healthy sleeping cycles, improve meditation, and generate vibrant states of health and well-being.

You can browse and listen to samples of all ten of the Total Mind audio downloads here:

Total Mind Audio Downloads

Their two main audio programs are:

Healing Sound Album which features:
Insight - Access the source of infinite wisdom with the Insight Audio Program.
Vitality - Energize yourself with the Vitality Audio Program.
Deep Relax - Deeply relax or fall into deep sleep with the Deep Relax Audio Program.
Body Healing - Talk to your immune system with the Body Healing Audio Program.

Accelerated Learning System which features:
Focus - Stop all the mind chatter with Focus Audio Program.
Memory - Learn how to "Mind-Map" with Memory Audio Program.
Power Nap - Quickly rejuvenate with the Power Nap Audio Program.
Super Study - Work effectively for extended periods with the Super Study Audio Program.

These individual programs can also be purchased separately on audio download. Enjoy these audio download from The Relaxation Company & Total Mind. All the MP3s of these titles are at 128kpbs stereo audio for optimal listening.

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