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Edmund Morris on Colonel Roosevelt by Edmund Morris

Edmund Morris on Colonel Roosevelt

by Edmund Morris


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Running Time
57 Min.


Pulitzer Prize-winning author Edmund Morris speaks at the Google's Mountain View campus on December 7, 2010 about his book Colonel Roosevelt.

About Colonel Roosevelt:

Of all our great presidents, Theodore Roosevelt is the only one whose greatness increased out of office. When he toured Europe in 1910 as plain 'Colonel Roosevelt,' he was hailed as the most famous man in the world. Crowned heads vied to put him up in their palaces. "If I see another king," he joked, "I think I shall bite him."

Had TR won his historic Bull Moose campaign in 1912 (when he outpolled the sitting president, William Howard Taft), he might have averted World War I, so great was his international influence. Had he not died in 1919, at the early age of sixty, he would unquestionably have been reelected to a third term in the White House and completed the work he began in 1901 of establishing the United States as a model democracy, militarily strong and socially just.

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