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3 Thanksgiving Proclamations by Abraham Lincoln

3 Thanksgiving Proclamations

by Abraham Lincoln

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One of the first holidays in the United States and Canada is that of Thanksgiving. Since the beginning, Thanksgiving has been a time for the citizens of North America to reflect on the blessings given them by their Creator.

Thanksgiving is therefore, a religious holiday and an example of how government and religion can co-exist without the hard "seperation between church and state" that some advocate today. Since its beginning, the Government has acknowledged religion and religious teachings including the 10 commandments upon which much of our legal history is based. This was important to the Founding Fathers -- even those without a strong belief in God. While acknowleding God, Thanksgiving does not institute a state-run religion which was feared by the Founding Fathers and allows people to worship and give thanks how they wish.

The next time it is Thanksgiving, if you are religious take the time to give God thanks for the freedoms that we enjoy and say a prayer for those who live in areas of the world where life, liberty, and property are cheap commodities. If you are not religious, take the time to be thankful in your own way for the freedoms which we all enjoy and the miracle that we are able to live in a country where the government is able to accomodate traditions that are important to the people no matter what they believe. There are after all, many countries in the world where people are not allowed to practice their faith or philosophy if the government does not approve.

We have provided three of the earliest Thanksgiving proclamations for you to listen to and share with your friends. Each is short enough that they are easily sent by e-mail. We encourage you to send them to your friends and family -- especially near the time of Thanksgiving. We believe that you will enjoy these. Not only are they interesting but they also are an important part of our history as a free people.

Featuring Governor William Bradford's Thanksgiving Proclamation (1623), President George Washington's Thanksgiving Proclamation (1789), & President Abraham Lincoln's Thanksgiving Proclamation (1863).

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All Americans Should Hear This!
Reviewer skyhut
 November 24, 2010
Thanks Abe!

Pronunciation in this reading
Reviewer Richard Norwood
 November 09, 2009
The voice of the reader is excellent and pleasant to listen to; however, there is a major problem. Throughout he has pronounced <ye> as [yi] rather than as [the and thi]. The <y> in the 17th century was just a spelling experiment that did not survive. The letter <y> represented the sound we spell <th>, so the reader should have used the normal pronunciation. That apparently small error spoiled the experience for me.

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