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Ralph Nader: The Good Fight by Ralph Nader

Ralph Nader: The Good Fight

by Ralph Nader

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Running Time
1 Hr. 22 Min.
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  3.3  Stars Based on 3 ratings
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In this talk delivered at Cody's Books in San Francisco, controversional presidential candidate and lifelong grassroots political activist Ralph Nader talks about the themes of his book The Good Fight: Declare Your Independence and Close the Democracy Gap. Delivered to a crowd of progressives, Nader tells them the best ways to directly influence their representatives and dismisses anyone who feels they cannot create change in the policies of their government. Naders talks about issues seldom mentioned by Republicans or Democrats, such as the United State's bloated military budget, the confrontation of corporate crime, fraud, and abuse, and the concentration of the corporate mass media on the public airwaves.

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Words of truth, a voice of wisdom.
Reviewer nixda
 January 20, 2009
Nader truly is an honest man. He's done so much for this nation and so much to inspire the world that it's hard to captivate. He launched what many others have followed, including current President Barack Obama (who worked under Nader as a civil activist).

Nader could very easily sit back and enjoy what he's accomplished take it's work upon the world, but that's not good enough because the issues are too damn important and the urge to do something even greater.

I volunteered for him in the recent Presidential campaign, and I can say it's a cause worth fighting for. Anyone who says he should "shut up", should readdress the Constitution of the United States, particularly the Amendment that says Freedom of Speech.

It's those kind of dubious remarks, ignorant of our founding idealism, that shows the flaws in our culture.

Mr Nader: an honest broker
Reviewer gberke
 August 08, 2008
It is curious that Nader cannot be joined to a party or a candidate other than himself, and that is a shame.
But he speaks well, he speaks from a base of experience, of knowledge, of being well informed. And certainly of conviction.
He could be silenced, and has indeed invited it: "steal this platform". But nobody will touch it.
Consider only health care in the United States, how incredibly poor and Byzantine, full of Stockholm Syndrome: Americans are afraid and are encouraged to be afraid. Of their government, and of their employers to which much of the governmental services and authority has been delegated.
It's a pity. We really really could use a third party. A liberal third party. Something to deal with the kernel of a terrible conservatism that is unyielding and punishing and is controlling the agenda.
Dean still hopes he can work within the Democratic Party, get some good Democrats elected. We'll see. It's unlikely.
Nader speaks clearly, is full of information... he is a joy to listen to, but the sadness is there: he is terminally ineffective.

less leftist garbage please
Reviewer rexrob
 August 08, 2008
There was a time where I respected Ralph Nader. I have never agreed with him or his policies as he is a ultra leftwing liberal. However, I always thought he honestly believed in his convictions. This video is evidence that he truly does not. He misstates several obvious incontrovertable facts for his own benefit as he preaches to the choir. He should be ashamed. The man is neither honest or sane. It really sickens me that this guy is given voice and even more that people listen.

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