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ChristianAudio's Free Audiobook of the Month

ChristianAudio's Free Audiobook of the Month

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Each month ChristianAudio is excited to give away one free audio book download. The books we give away are free for only one month. After that they are sold at the regular price. So make sure that you check back regularly and download these great Christian Audiobooks for FREE!

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Works easily, sounds great!
Reviewer tgordo49
 December 06, 2013
As of 12/2013 the d/l worked perfectly in just a couple of clicks, none of the problems reported years ago. Audio quality is just fine too. Not reviewing for overall content yet, just the d/l & save process, which has been perfected.
This was on MSIE 8 running under XP SP3.

The Tone of Previous Posts
Reviewer jesigler
 August 24, 2012
It's really distressing to see how angry and uncharitable some of the previous posts have been. We're being GIVEN a free book here. If it doesn't work out, we're not any worse off than we were before. And maybe it didn't work out because there's a glitch at the site, or because we ourselves weren't technologically adept or familiar with the websites enough to carry out the transaction. Either way, it's hardly civil to start cussing LearnOutLoud or ChristianAudio when all they tried to do was offer us something for free.

YES, you need a ChristianAudio account to download the book. ALL audiobook company websites work this way. I already had an account and downloaded mine with no problems.

I'm really hoping this book talks some about charitability, cuz clearly, that is increasingly lacking online!

Easy to download
Reviewer msmorris
 August 24, 2012
Haven't read it yet, but the download process was a snap for me. Just click on the Christian Audio Link, and add the book to your cart. I didn't even have to enter a coupon code. The price showed up as $0.00. Then download and unzip, and you're ready to go. Thank you, Christian Audio!

@ RIP OFF - No learnoutloud.com is one of the best places on the internet
Reviewer harimuk
 August 24, 2012
Some how you got bad impression on learnoutloud.com. I am not associated with it, but always enjoyed their emails and online resources. ! I believe, this website would be a sensation, in the next 5-6 years.

Great Selection!
Reviewer juliecaprera
 May 04, 2012
Ken Sande has a wonderful way of making conflict resolution practical. I had NO problem downloading this...but was already a member of ChristianAudio which offers a FREE audiobook every month. Try again, and if there are still problems try contacting the business. They really do want you to have success. If you complain to others (rather than going to the company in a civil and polite way to give them a chance to address your issues) you really NEED this book.

I tried to use it
Reviewer samgarza
 May 04, 2012
I have tried to use this site. But today was my last effort. I will unsubscribe to this site. It is not worth the trouble to use it. Good luck, Learn Out Loud!

Free Downloads
Reviewer jb714836
 September 10, 2011
Seems not even Christians are honest these days. Select the book, told to create an account, take the book off cos live in the wrong area. What a con job. Maybe the free stuff is only available to God's Chosen People but then What would a Jew want with Christian publications.

No problem
Reviewer preachercat
 September 09, 2011
No problem downloading - a snap as usual. Can't wait to listen. Michael York is an amazing narrator.

Try Again!
Reviewer barrhead.babe
 September 09, 2011
If at first you don't succeed, try again! I had trouble downloading this the first time because I could not create an account. I clicked "My Account" at the top of the page and then properly created an account. Then I downloaded the free audiobook. Good luck!!

Prayers, A Personal Selection-Narrated by Michael York
Reviewer Ageba
 September 09, 2011
I registered with Christian Audio to get this free book, but was then told that it was removed from my shopping cart because it was not available in my region. Is this just a ploy to get people to register at this site?

Difficulty in downloading items
Reviewer PMsnak
 June 29, 2011
I don't think that the site could be more complicated. It is a shame that they offer such wonderful resources but they can't be easily obtained.

Great Book, Practicle Application for Foster and Willards works.
Reviewer rsinclair
 March 13, 2009
This is a thoughtfully written book from a position of experience of practicing what he preaches. I agree with J.I. Packer in his forward to this book where he says you should read this book at least three times at one month intervals to get the most value.

The gentleman who reads it does a wonderful job as well. He is an extremely gifted reader who maintains a consistent quality that seems like someone talking about something he is truly interested in and not just reading words from a book.

Whitney does a terrific job at not only explaining the biblical basis for the disciplines but also practical application. He brings together input from spiritual giants throughout the ages and has them virtually weigh in on each of the disciplines he writes about.

Overall, this book was a true blessing that has enriched my life the first time reading (or listening to) it and I am looking forward to experiencing again. Thank you very, very much.

Reviewer pamowen1
 July 31, 2008
THis is easy to download...go to this page..enter in browser...
http://www.learnoutloud.com/Free-Audio-Video/Religion-and-Spirituality/Christian-Living/ChristianAudios-Free-Audiobook-of-the-Month/19798 In the upper right had corner you see a box with a circle of blue and an arrow pointing down. Click on Chritian Audio and it takes you to christianaudio.com, create an account and find the free download for the month and it does say it cost 10.95 but you have to enter the coupon code JULY2008 and it takes off the cost with a zero balance. and then continue like you would with any other order. This was too easy for me.

How to download
Reviewer mocaismama
 January 05, 2008
Click on "Digital Download" in the box entitled "Get this free title from:".

Copy the coupon code listed on the page it takes you to. This month it is "JAN2008".

Click "Add to Cart" in the box beside the book's description. The circle by Download $24.98 should be highlighted.

If you don't have an account with Christian Audio, make one. Otherwise, sign-in.

Click "check-out".

Enter your coupon code. Click "Finish"

Unable to get book
Reviewer Georgianna Coog
 January 04, 2008
Second Review saying the same thing. It is not very clear how to download the book.

Exceptional Christian Audio
Reviewer dbolton
 January 04, 2008
ChristianAudio offers a free audiobook download each month of exceptional quality both in content and production. In the past months they have offered classic works by St. John of the Cross, Jonathan Edwards, Leo Tolstoy, St. Teresa of Avila, St. Augustine, John Bunyan,and Andrew Murray. They also regularly offer many other free resources as well as a rich selection of audiobooks, lectures, courses and podcasts. I highly recommend this source for top quality Christian audio!

How do you get the book~~~Got the book
Reviewer ytrewq
 January 04, 2008
I was incredibly exited when I found out I could download a free audiobook for my iPod touch. To my dismay, I could not find a way to get the audiobook.

I created a LOL account but Nooo. That won't work for christian audio even though it was shown on LOL.

Better than my .5 star review. LOL deserves a full 3 stars!

Thank GOD for ChristianAudio
Reviewer jameshoward
 February 22, 2007
Thay have the largest and most diverse selection of the most thoughtful Christian audio available anywhere on the Internet !!!

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