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Crash Course on Jewish History by Rabbi Ken Spiro

Crash Course on Jewish History

by Rabbi Ken Spiro

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Journey through the pages of time—from the Jewish perspective. Vivid, illuminating, and always entertaining, Rabbi Ken Spiro presents a "Crash Course in Jewish History" as fresh as current events and as descriptive as eyewitness news. So get ready for a dash through "Jewish time"—and don't worry if you're late.

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Very informative! Decent Quality. Can't Download all
Reviewer rexrob
 July 14, 2008
I enjoyed lessons 1-19 of Jewish History very much. Ken does a great job with his class and for the most part leaves his own politics out of things and sticks to history. I have a feeling I agree with his politics but I still admire a man who knows his place. I am very disappointed however that lessons 20-33 are not available for download and are streaming audio. I download here at learnoutloud for stuff to listen to in the car and this really ended the series for me. Oh no, I will never know what happened to the Jews after around the year 400.

Highly recommended to Gentiles and atheists
Reviewer loveschools
 March 18, 2008
Quotes from "Crash Course On Jewish History".

"Roses are Red and Violets are Blueish if it wasn't for Paul we'd all be Jewish".

"Why did God create Gentiles? Retail"

In regards to The Genocide committed by the Jewish People in the book of Joshua the rabbi states it was a "Holy War" because "God the Master of the Universe Gave it to us".

Jews and Christians should be embarrassed, ashamed, and apologetic for the criminal insanity committed on non-jews and nature in the book of Joshua and other parts of the old testament, even if they admit it is mythic, since they still hold Moses and Joshua in high esteem. It is interesting to see worship of such blatant, unrepentant racism and intolerance teachings.

This is an important work that puts zionism in perspective (Jewish Supremacy). It explains why anti-semitism (anti-gentileism) exists. For a more tolerant view of Judaism check out Jewsagainstzionism.com.

This is an interesting perspective on the Jewish special interest groups in America. This was recorded right before 911.


Love schools

A Real Treat
Reviewer sockanasa
 March 18, 2008
I have been listening to this series on my commute for several weeks and it is a real treat to listen to. So far I'm only nearing the end of the old testament where the history primarily comes from the Bible, but it gives me a great appreciation for the stories from a Jewish perspective. All the stories, I've heard but not from this perspective. The rabbi is very engaging and fun to listen to.

Although there may be things the rabbi says which I don't agree with, I think it is important to hear and understand. Examples would be that Moses made fewer mistakes (i.e. sins) in his whole life than Rabbi Spiro or any of us makes in one minute. And there are a few jabs at Christians where he uses the term BCE and jokingly says that it has replace BC (Before Christ) with Before the Common Era, not to be confused with Before the Common Error. I can see some Christians taking offence to referring to the man who is considered God to be an error.
He also seems niave regarding other religions. For example he says that the concept of the Nation of Israel is a construct of your heart joining a nation and not a geographic location like France is entirely unique to Judaism. I think both Muslim and Christian theologians would have difficulities accepting that. We've often heard the term "The Nation of Islam" and one of Jesus' most used phrases is "The Kingdom of God" when referring to what he was revealing to others as a rule or reign over people's hearts and not a geographic kingdom (like many of the Jews of the time expected). He was even challenged on this point by a student of the class and he quickly dismisses it. There are a few other moments like this, but certainly not the majority.
A few jabs at other religions and not fully understanding them aside, it seems to me as an outsider that the bulk of the course which focuses on Jewish History from a Jewish perspective is well focused and very well done. It is a great resource if not an enlivened trip through the history of one of the big religions of the day that has fundamentally shaped the culture in which we live.

A Gift
Reviewer sharonlusk
 March 18, 2008
A wonderfully informative course. Quality through and through.

Easy Listening of a very interesting subject
Reviewer Ladymaggic
 December 27, 2007
I really love the approach and the voice and the way History is presented like a story...which it is.

This is very pleasant to listen to...and so interesting...

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  • Published: 2002
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