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Can There Be Complete Freedom from Thought? by Jiddu Krishnamurti

Can There Be Complete Freedom from Thought?

by Jiddu Krishnamurti


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Running Time
8 Hrs. 13 Min.


Learning is instant perception and action. What place has thought in learning? To learn about freedom, must thought be completely silent? Does insight into freedom take time? Can thinking, however rational, bring about a psychological revolution in us? Is thought always conditioned? Is freedom the nonexistence of thought? My very being is related to thought. If you want to see something new, what do you do? To have insight, let go of the old and listen. Learning is not memorizing. Is feeling another way of thinking? Isn't the need to love and be loved essential? Needing love is love of self. Is thought responsible for fragmentation? Does fragmentation have its own activity? What is the energy that perceives the total and doesn't live in fragmentation? Does comparison bring about fear and pleasure? Is thought seeking security in belief and dogma? Can the mind learn instantly all the content of the unconscious in which there are deep, secret fears? Does analysis imply time and division? Is consciousness separate from its content? To get at the root of fear means learning about not being. What about guilt?

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