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This Author: Joseph Grenny
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Joseph Grenny on Change Anything by Joseph Grenny

Joseph Grenny on Change Anything

by Joseph Grenny


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Running Time
53 Min.
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  5.0  Stars Based on 2 ratings
Joseph Grenny is the co-author of the book Change Anything: The New Science of Personal Success. In this talk delivered at Google, Grenny discusses many of the findings of their research on change and presents a new way of thinking about how to change habits in one's life. While many people assume that the inability to change is due to lack of willpower and that most people have to hit rock bottom with their bad habits before they can change, Grenny gives us a different perspective. He posits that we don't have to work harder at change but that we have to be smarter at learning about all of the factors contributing to our bad habits. By recognizing six different factors that contribute the most to one's habits, we can then come to a better understanding of our habits and come up with creative ways to change our environment or our state or mind in order to enable lasting change. He gives many great examples and shows video clips of people who successfully changed their personal and professional life for the better. If you're making some New Year's resolutions this year, then this talk can help you with coming up with new ideas on how to accomplish those goals. This 50-minute talk is available on streaming video from YouTube.

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