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Robert Greene on Mastery by Robert Greene

Robert Greene on Mastery

by Robert Greene


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1 Hr.
Robert Greene has spent his writing career examining the lives of great world leaders, thinkers, and creators, distilling what makes them so different from the rest of us. In his latest book, Mastery, Greene takes a look at a diverse group including Benjamin Franklin, the Wright Brothers, Mozart, and Albert Einstein, in an effort to figure out what led to their creative breakthroughs, and why such creativity seems so rare. Greene argues that creative people often opt for career paths that are in line with personal engagement, take experimental routes once they've acquired the requisite knowledge of their trade, and often retain an "outsiders" perspective that is conducive to creative leaps. The "Master" in his conception is someone that has a certain fluidity of mind, constantly subverting conventional patterns of thinking, mitigating fear of failure, and looking for insight beyond normal channels of inquiry. Greene claims we all have an innate creative capability, but that we are often stifled in adulthood by a goal-centered culture that often works to restrict our imaginative grasp.

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