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How Ordinary People Become Monsters... or Heroes by Philip Zimbardo

How Ordinary People Become Monsters... or Heroes

by Philip Zimbardo


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23 Min.
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Renowned social psychologist Philip Zimbardo talks about the ideas in his book The Lucifer Effect which explores how good people turn evil. He looks at Abu Ghraib prison scandal which he was called as a witness to, and he compares it to the influential Stanford prison study which he conducted in the early 1970s. In both these circumstances normal individuals were given power without oversight over the prisoners. Zimbardo emphasizes the importance of circumstance when it comes to the potential evil, indifference, or heroism in all of us. Note: Zimbardo shows some graphic imagery of Abu Ghraib in this video.

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Beautiful break down of good vs evil
Reviewer broooke
 December 30, 2012
Zimbardo, the man to whom I equate with undergrad psychology courses and learning about the Stanford Prison Study, has simply blown me away. To watch a social psychologist spring board from a concept and really form something that I find a beautiful and concrete explanation of evil, wrong do-ers, and explain how socialization and situation promote evil behavior was simply fascinating.
What I find to be even more wonderful is how he is trying to integrate this into a program with children. Socialization is a process that starts at birth and does not end until death. To teach children that ANYONE can be great, helpful, and a hero, in a tangible sense, it something that give me hope for the future.

the "help" saved this life and probably my fathers
Reviewer Justine Bates
 July 09, 2012
my father created and so wanted to believe that his daughter were safe and his wife although ( words like crazy were unheard of then)was not only intermittently psychotic, intensely projecting her hatred on me, and a true sociopath w/ histrionic and borderline issues. My father worked very hard to provide all that she felt she was entitled . My two extremely obese sister bullied me all thru the day, when our wonderful help, a black woman standard in the south, was not looking. This was encouraged by my mother's acceptance, but it was serious business that they not allow my father to witness this abuse. My mother also physically and sexually and emotionally abused me, and intentionally abandoned me on several occasions, the last time ending with my father finding me. He loved me, he refused to believe the evil that existing in my mother toward me, and my obese sisters had no reason not to please her with their torture of me as a baby. My father a wonderful man and my "nanny" (embarrassed to used that term now) with out thier love i'm sure i would have developed severe developmental problems, as no one held me but my father and the "help". I loved that "nannie" more than anyone could ever love a mother. My father simply couldn't believe that the rest of his family was so sadistic and cruel and basically out to get rid of me. Perhaps in a milder form natural with siblings this is normal, but insert a completely psychotic, selfish and deranged mother.but with a thank the lord nannie who stayed until I was 5, and genuinely loved me and a kind but exhausted father who loved me (which only inflamed to acts of hatred toward me later) but he never wanted to admit that she would do such unthinkable acts of cruelty to me. She has a delightful outward persona, and many people wondered why I so willfully upset her. Her evil barrel, was her family.

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