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Psychology of Dreams by Eleanor H. Rosch

Psychology of Dreams

webcast.berkeley Course - Psychology 106

by Eleanor H. Rosch

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Dreaming is a necessary, universal nightly activity of the human mind and brain. It provides a special opportunity for study of the workings of the mind since dreams occur in the absence of both sensory input and the ordinary logic of waking consciousness. It also provides an opportunity for hands on study of the subject matter since we all dream This class will cover some of the major psychological theories, interpretations, and uses that have been made of dreams. These include: overview of the biology of dreaming, Freud, Jung, Existentialism, Gestalt, cognitive approaches to dreaming, artistry dream work, group/cultural dream work, practical dream work, lucid dreaming, dream incubation, dreaming while awake, techniques such as active imagination, and some introduction to Eastern approaches to dreaming and dream yoga. Students will be encouraged to keep dream diaries to provide an experiential component to the class and so that they may apply the class topics and do research using the material they generate themselves. (Those who have trouble remembering dreams can use active imagination techniques instead).

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Excellent, valuable and diverse, a wonderful lecturer
Reviewer Merielsea
 February 28, 2010
I am running through the lectures for the first time, knowing that there is enough there to teach me three times over. Very happy to find this collections of perspectives brought together by a wonderful and generous teacher. Takes just the tiniest bit of patience to listen through the collecting of classes at the beginning and end, which would be true should you attend any class in person.

I am so pleased at life moving in the direction of accessibility for many. Thank you

Very poor! Not worth the title 'podcast'.
Reviewer Finchesca
 November 10, 2009
Oh boy. Literally the first 25% of this is the sound of the lecturer breathing into the mic, getting the audience to unblock the corridor and the back of the room, and then waffling about student enrollment. This could all have been edited out with a simple cut.

The content is then hesitant, waffly, and offers minimal edification. Another student enrollment/attendance discussion finishes off the piece.

Lesson: It's not appropriate to just 'podcast' any old thing! There must be a basic standard of informational value-add, and at least minimal effort re audio quality, before using up people's bandwidth!

(And this is Berkeley?! Shame.)

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