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9/11 Speeches


Free Resource (#390) - Sept. 11th, 2007
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9/11 Major Speeches and Interviews

To mark the 6th anniversary of the terrorist attacks that have come to define the modern era, we present the 9/11 Major Speeches and Interviews available on streaming audio from The American History Center. These speeches & interviews represent September 11th directly as it happened: through various news dispatches, Pentagon briefings, and statements made by the President and other governmental officials.

Here you will listen to how the shock of what happened gave way to the slow realization of who perpetrated the attacks, and finally how the American people rallied to face a new kind of threat. Relive recent history and remember an event that has come to shape our daily lives to the present day.

9/11 Major Speeches and Interviews

Audible.com also offers free downloads of the 9/11 Fire Dispatch Recordings and The 9-11 Commission Final Report - Press Conference.

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When Eckhart Tolle agreed to be interviewed on September 11, 2001, he could not foresee the historic nature of this date or the suffering that would follow. As the day's events unfolded, in real time, he responded with a calm and clear voice, helping to make sense out of the fear and chaos that will forever define this date. Even the Sun Will Die documents this historic meeting with Eckhart Tolle and the comforting wisdom he revealed that day.

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