Arthur C. Clarke's Final Message to Earth


Free Resource (#521) - March 20th, 2008
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Arthur C. Clarke's 90th Birthday Reflections

Science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke passed away yesterday at the age of 90. In this brief video supplied by TVE Asia Pacific, Clarke reflects on his life from his home in Sri Lanka as he turned 90 in December of 2007. He considers the great achievements in space travel which he saw during his lifetime and is hopeful that space travel will be something that many can enjoy in the future. He also provides three wishes for the planet as he surpasses his 90th orbit around the sun. This video is available through YouTube.

Arthur C. Clarke's 90th Birthday Reflections

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Knowledge Products: Science & Discovery
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This series of audio books from Knowledge Products is entitled Science & Discovery and it covers this history of discovery, whether in a laboratory or elsewhere. These discoveries in astronomy, chemistry, biology, physics, and the environment have changed the course of world history. This series is narrated by American newscaster Edwin Newman. Here are the 15 titles in the series:

Astronomy: The Heavenly Challenge

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Isaac Newton's New Physics

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Medieval Science

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