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Anthem by Ayn Rand

Ayn Rand's books are made for audio. In these busy times very few people have the time to sit down and read The Fountainhead or Atlas Shrugged. But get these audio books and pop them on in your car while you're commuting and you can finish them up in a month or two. It's a great testament to the opportunity represented by audio learning.

If you would like to check start off with a more bite-sized portion of Rand's wisdom check out ThoughtAudio's production of Anthem, one of Rand's earlier novels. Anthem sets the stage for what's to come in Rand's later works. It's an entertaining science fiction novella and a great introduction to Ayn Rand's philosophy. This audio book is available on MP3 download through ThoughAudio.com and narrated by Michael Scott.

Anthem by Ayn Rand

There's also a free version available from LibriVox narrated by Chere Theriot, if you'd like to sample a different version:

Anthem by Ayn Rand from LibriVox.org

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The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand

The Fountainhead is an unprecedented phenomenon in modern literature. Arguably the century's most challenging novel of ideas, The Fountainhead is the story of a gifted young architect, his violent battle with conventional standards, and his explosive love affair with the beautiful woman who struggles to defeat him. In his fight for success, he first discovers, then rejects, the seductive power of fame and money, finding that in the end, creative genius must triumph. His battle against mediocrity gives a gripping new dimension to the concept of evil. The Fountainhead is at once dramatic, poetic, and demanding. A statement of principles for its author, the novel champions the cause of individualism and remains one of the towering books on the contemporary intellectual scene.

Available on MP3 Download.

The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand

Ayn Rand Audio Books
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Ayn Rand Audio Books

LearnOutLoud.Com is happy to feature audio book classics by Ayn Rand, the celebrated author and creator of the philosophy known as Objectivism. Born in Saint Petersburg, Russia, Rand was the eldest of three daughters from a Jewish family. She studied philosophy and history at the University of Petrograd before being granted a visa to visit American relatives in 1925. Rand arrived in the United States in February 1926, at the age of twenty-one.

After being rejected by many publishers, Rand's first literary sucess, "The Fountainhead" came out in 1943, which gave her fame and financial security. Next came her magnum opus, "Atlas Shrugged" in 1957. With this book, Rand launched her philosophy of Objectivism on to the world. This philosophical idea is a radically anti-communist, pro-capitalist vision that praises above all the human individual and the creative genius of which he or she is capable.

Throughout the 60's and 70's Rand promoted her Objectivist philosophy through the vehicles of fiction & non-fiction works and by giving talks at east-coast universities. Rand passed away from heart failure in 1982. After her death in 1985, Rand's heir, Leonard Peikoff, established the Ayn Rand Institute, a center for the advancement of Objectivism.

We Recommend
If you are looking for a place to begin with Ayn Rand's work that is available on audio, we would first suggest "The Fountainhead" which we have here in both abridged and unabridged versions. This is novel began Rand's development of Objectivism through her hero Howard Roark, a character engaged in ideological warfare with a society that despises him, an architectural community that doesn't understand him, and a woman who loves him but wants to destroy him. His struggle raises questions about society's attitude toward revolutionaries.

Next up is Rand's masterpiece "Atlas Shrugged", which is available as an abridged and unabridged audio book. Here Rand explores the ramifications of her radical thinking in a world that penalizes human intelligence and integrity and it is this book that solidified Rand's enduring popularity.

Finally for those interested in Rand's nonfiction work there's "The Virtue Of Selfishness" in which she sets forth the fundamental moral principles of Objectivism in essay form. Whether you are interested in listening to compelling classic fiction or you want to hear more about Rand's philosophy, LearnOutLoud.com has everything you need to get started with Ayn Rand's philosophical concepts and literary work.

Ayn Rand Audio Books

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