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Emerging Media Landscape


Free Resource (#767) - March 10th, 2009
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The Emerging Mediascape

In this compelling MIT World discussion media critic Mark Jurkowitz and NPR writer Jeffrey Dvorkin take a look at the "emerging mediascape" which includes print, radio, network TV, cable TV, internet, blogs, etc. Despite the plethora of options their view is quite grim pointing out that when it comes to most media outlets, they are owned by the same media conglomerates and their primary goals are to earn a profit which leads to negative ramifications. This is available on streaming video from MIT World.

The Emerging Mediascape

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For more than fifteen years Moe Moskowitz and the Punsters have been the court jesters of National Public Radio. Their songs and sketches have satirized politics, music, the media--even the solemnity of NPR itself.

Assembled in mock-documentary format, CANCEL MY SUBSCRIPTION: THE WORST OF NPR traces the “history” of Moe and includes all his greatest hits, including such classics as “The Do-It-Yourself Big Hit Record” plus rare out-takes and unreleased live material. Here’s your chance to revisit with Basil Starling, Julio Reverb, and the Notorious BustaPants. The gang’s all here in this definitive Moe Moskowitz collection!

Available on MP3 Download.

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