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Emma Goldman Essays

From the folks at Audio Anarchy comes this collection of essays from one of history's most well known anarchists and feminists: Emma Goldman. In these essays Goldman writes of what anarchism stands for, as well as essays about prisons, woman's suffrage, and more. These essays are well read by Audio Anarchy's narrators and available on MP3 Download.

Emma Goldman Essays

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An ardent foe of the Roosevelt administration and The New Deal, Louisiana Senator Huey Long delivered a series of radio addresses based on his concept “Every Man A King” and “Share The Wealth” – two such addresses are included here: 1. May 2, 1935 “St. Vitus Dance Government” and 2. May 11, 1935 “Veterans of Foreign Wars”

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Christopher Hitchens Audio & Video
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Christopher Hitchens Audio & Video

Christopher Hitchens is a columnist at The Atlantic and a staple of the talk show circuit. Born in 1949 in the United Kingdom, he obtained his United States citizenship in 2007. An experienced journalist, he spent the first part of his career in Cyprus, where he met his first wife, Eleni Meleagrou. Hitchins later left her for a California journalist, Carol Blue. He has two children by his first wife and one by his second, with his son Alexander working as a researcher for various think tanks.

Hitchens' political career was marked by a shift from anti-Stalinist Communism to a form of conservative Marxism, although he has never ceased to self-identify as a Marxist. A prominent atheist, he speaks out regularly against religion, especially Abrahamic religion. Hitchens is a prolific writer and columnist and often outspoken in opposition to public figures.

Hitchens makes his strongest case against religion in his best seller God Is Not Great which we offer on audio book download. He has written a number of other books, including a book covering one of Thomas Paine's works Thomas Paine's Rights of Man. He published a book of his memoirs entitled Hitch-22, and he reads this unabridged autobiography. You can also check out numerous free videos featuring Hitchens at many of his various public speaking appearances.

Christopher Hitchens Audio & Video

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