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Famous Thanksgiving Speeches


Free Resource (#696) - Nov. 24th, 2008
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3 Thanksgiving Proclamations

Start your week with a few quick Thanksgiving speeches on MP3 download from our friends at FreeAudio.org, featuring Governor William Bradford's Thanksgiving Proclamation (1623), President George Washington's Thanksgiving Proclamation (1789), & President Abraham Lincoln's Thanksgiving Proclamation (1863).

3 Thanksgiving Proclamations

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Native American Tales, Myths and Legends

The stories in this collection are drawn mainly from those tribes which lived in the northern and central areas of north america. These represent the linguistic groups gerneally referred to as Algonquian, Iroquois and Sioux. A final chapter covers the tales of the northwest pacific coast. Some legends tell of heroic men and women struggling against the giant forces of nature; others of mischievous animals like blue jay and coyote, or of perilous journeys and of the origins of traditional customs. Recited as part of religious ceremonial or simply as a form of entertainment, these tales were passed from parent to child as a way of explaining the present through the past.

This audiobook offers and ideal starting point for anybody with an interest in Native American culture and in the environment which shaped and nurtured it.

Available on MP3 Download.

Listen to a free sample of: Native American Tales, Myths and Legends

Gordon Skene Sound Collection
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Gordon Skene Sound Collection

The Gordon Skene Sound Collection is a massive collection of speeches and historical events recorded on audio. LearnOutLoud.com is pleased to now be offering over 50 audio downloads from the Gordon Skene Sound Collection.

Message from Gordon Skene:

"As a rule I hate looking back. The trouble with looking back is you tend to stare at it a long time, and nothing really good ever comes of that. I'm also not a big fan of "nostalgia". I think of nostalgia and think "fond remembrance of events that never occurred" - time tends to blow small events out of proportion and large events into heart stopping defining moments which, at the time didn't amount to much. So why look back at all?

The Gordon Skene Sound Collection & my new site Newstalgia are here to help put history and current events into perspective. Some things never change, some people never change - only the names and situations and outcomes. Sometimes history consists of the same set of events and circumstances over and over until the lesson is learned or the methods changed. Some things never change and some things are destined never to be the same again."

Check out Gordon Skene's great blog site which features tons of free speeches on audio: Newstalgia

Gordon Skene Sound Collection

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