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History According to Bob


Free Resource (#763) - March 4th, 2009
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History According to Bob Podcast

For over three years now, Bob Packett has serviced the world with his podcast, History According to Bob. This retired history professor operating out of Kansas explores a large canvas, from the smallest historical artifacts to decade-spanning cultural upheavals, with the sort of down-home, approachable style that is the earmark of a great teacher. If you enjoy his podcasts and want more you can also purchase individual podcasts on MP3 or groups of podcasts according to topic on CD through his website: www.summahistorica.com.

History According to Bob Podcast

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In the Ruins of Empire: The Japanese Surrender and the Battle for Postwar Asia

Americans are accustomed to thinking that World War II ended on August 14, 1945, when the Japanese surrendered unconditionally. Yet on the mainland of Asia, in the vast arc stretching from Manchuria to Burma, peace was a brief, fretful interlude. In some parts of Asia, such as Java and Southern Indonesia, only a few weeks passed before new fighting broke out between nationalist forces and the former colonial powers. In China, a fragile and incomplete peace lasted only a few months, and peace fared no better in Northern Indochina and Korea.

The result was years of grim and bitter struggles, during which many suffered far more greatly than they had during the war itself. In the Ruins of Empire is a sequel to the author's well-known Eagle Against the Sun. In it, Ronald Spector describes how Vietnamese farmers struggled to survive another war with the French, while U.S. soldiers and marines were amazed to find themselves sent to China and Korea instead of back to their hometowns. In the meantime, five million Japanese soldiers, farmers, and diplomats who were stranded on mainland Asia found themselves in new roles as insurgents, victims, mercenaries, and peacekeepers.

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