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Hitchens and Hanson on World War II


Free Resource (#659) - October 2nd, 2008
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Uncommon Knowledge: Hitchens and Hanson on World War II

In the wake of recent revisionist takes that cast a negative light on World War II, Peter Robinson joins guests Christopher Hitchens and Victor Davis Hanson to provide a counter argument in this Uncommon Knowledge show released by the Hoover Institution. Hitchens and Hanson, both respected historians and journalists, address Churchill's role in every stage of the war, whether or not the holocaust was a byproduct of the conflict, and if war itself was just. Both bring incredible scholarship to the discussion, drawing from deep personal knowledge in an effort to dispel any notion that war was avoidable in 1939. This talk is available on streaming video and MP3 download through FORA.tv.

Uncommon Knowledge: Hitchens and Hanson on World War II

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Sir Winston Churchill: His Finest Hour

Featuring major wartime speeches of Winston Churchill. Memorable speeches of Great Britain's Prime Minister from the time England was all but alone, until final victory.

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Winston Churchill Speeches
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Winston Churchill Speeches

Winston Churchill was Prime Minister of the UK for two terms, and earned his place in history by leading the country through the difficult period of World War II. However, his mark upon history also extends to winning the Nobel Prize for Literature, as well as making many memorable speeches that are still relevant today.

Churchill will be remembered for leading the UK during a challenging time in the early days of World War II, when active opposition to Hitler had not yet spread to the governments of other countries. Churchill helped to keep the nation inspired and determined to win the war, with his radio broadcasts and public speeches; some of the most well-known orations in history are included in these classic audio book collections: Sir Winston Churchill: "The War Years" and Sir Winston Churchill: His Finest Hour.

His sense of humor and razor-sharp wit have also contributed to his legend, and many people remember his acerbic comments, quips, and insults and repeat them to this day. He led a very interesting life, and had many interesting experiences that he wrote about, publishing close to twenty different books during his lifetime. Winston Churchill was also a historian and published a highly-regarded six part series about WWII, as well as a historical retelling of the beginning of the United States of America.

Winston Churchill Speeches

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