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Free Resource (#617) - August 4th, 2008
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Forever Young

The Vega Science Trust out of the U.K. presents this roundtable discussion on our potential to reduce the negative effects of aging and to live longer. It starts out with the interesting fact that over the last 100 years we've added 3 months to the average lifespan every year. The future of this life-lengthening development looks interesting as well with many new developments in biotechnology. This discussion is available as a 30-minute streaming online video.

Forever Young

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The Pleasure of Finding Things Out

"This marvelous collection of talks, interviews, and essays offers a memorable sample of the wit, brilliance, and irreverence of the most celebrated physicist of our time," says Alan Guth, author of The Inflationary Universe. "The more one reads of Feynman, the more one falls in love with his refreshingly enthusiastic view of the world."

The late Richard P. Feynman won the 1965 Nobel Prize in physics for his many contributions to physics, especially for his work on quantum electrodynamics. One of the most famous and beloved figures of our era, both in physics and in the public arena, he is the author of many popular and scholarly books, including The Meaning of It All and Six Easy Pieces, which was named one of the best 100 nonfiction books of the 20th century by The Modern Library.

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Listen to a free sample of: The Pleasure of Finding Things Out

Richard P. Feynman Lectures & Audio Books
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Richard P. Feynman Lectures & Audio Books

Richard P. Feynman is one of the most venerated American physicists of the late 20th century. While physics was his main claim to fame -and his list of accomplishments were many- he was also a gifted and adventurous writer, bringing the world of mathematics to everyday people in an accessible fashion.

Born in 1918, Feynman grew up in New York, and received a Ph.D. from Princeton University. After working on the infamous Manhattan project during World War II, he became a professor at the California Institute of Technology. Here he came to be known as "The Great Explainer" thanks to his uncanny ability to make physics understandable.

Feynman did most of his best work during his tenure as a professor at Caltech, earning awards and general regard as was one of the greatest teachers of physics ever. Luckily for us, Feynman's lectures were recorded and have found their way to the ears of many students eager to learn physics from a master teacher.

We Recommend
To get a good introduction to Richard Feynman, we first suggest you listen to Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman! an autobiography that details Feynman's many achievements, social run-ins and adventures in the world of modern science. This audio book is a must as an introduction to Feynman's way of life and world view.

Next there's The Pleasure of Finding Things Out, a selection of talks, interviews, essays, and other examples of Feynman's wit and intelligence. Finally there's the first entry in The Very Best of the Feynman Lectures ; culled from his massive 3 volume collection that features the recorded lectures for which Feynman became famous as a teacher. Here you will see why Feynman drew inspiration from his students, and in the end why his greatest achievement may have been in defining the art of teaching itself. Whether you are a student of physics, interested in 20th Century luminaries, or simply wish to laugh while you learn, you can't go wrong with the lectures and audio books collected for your perusal here. Enjoy!

Richard P. Feynman Lectures & Audio Books

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