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Law of Attraction and Relationships


Free Resource (#424) - October 29th, 2007
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Law of Attraction and Relationships

In this title published through our TeachOutLoud service, Pramod Uday lays out 5 Steps to Attracting Positive Relationships. In this program he covers loving yourself, putting for intent for attracting your match, imagining a healthy relationship, practicing loving everyone, and feeling good regardless of circumstance. This audio program is available on MP3 download through LearnOutLoud.com.

Law of Attraction and Relationships

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"When you understand the nature and structure of pleasure in relation to love and when you realize it - which is part of meditation - then you will find that love is something entirely different, then you will really love your children, then you will create a new world. When you come to that state, when you know love, then do what you will, there is no wrong; it is only when you are seeking pleasure - as you are now - that everything goes wrong."
-Jiddu Krishnamurti

All Available on MP3 Download.

Listen to a free sample of: Living With Love

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